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Is Harbaugh the guy for KU...

Update 7:00 - This is why I hate December now Dennis Dodd (CBS) Is chiming in about the move saying that no offer has been extended. This may be true or it me be word mincing by Lew Perkins.

Update 1:45 - There is defiantly more chatter going around on some KU message boards about Harbaugh but I give those less weight than Football Coaches Scoop..

File this under MASSIVELY TENUOUS RUMOR But it football coach scoop is reporting that Harbaugh is all but assuredly the guy for KU.
FootballCoachScoop has BREAKING NEWS and the FIRST TO REPORT that Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is negotiating a contract with Athletic Director Lew Perkins to be the new Head Coach of the Kansas Jayhawks. Our sources tell us that Harabugh will be named the new Head Coach at KU when the contract details are worked out and finalized this weekend. According to our source he will be paid between $2.5 Million and 2.75 Million -- FootBallCoachScoop
This is good news on a couple of fronts. Firstly I think KU was 'The Job' For Gill this year.
  • Near his stomping ground
  • Daughter attends the school
  • Big money Conference and one he knows well
  • Needs personality like Gill after Mangino
The other upside is that of all the places that KU could have went Stanford is one of the least likely to peruse Gill (I was a bit worried about UConn if the JayHawks took Edsall). About the only way this could have worked out better for fans is if KU took Tubb's up on his reported interest.

From a UB fans point of view I am hoping this is true, as a fan of Turner Gill in general I am torn.