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Hofstra ends its football program, let the vultures descend.

off into the sunset

Not too big a deal as far as UB is concerned but this is the second FCS program this month to go under. has a lengthy article on the situation which is going to start to be more common as school budgets get pulled tighter and tighter (Hofstra expects to save 4.5 million a year). While the Pride are not a big name program they have been around, continuously, since 1937, but this is a sign of the times and one of the reasons that many mid majors, and FCS schools take a bag full of money for an almost certain beat down once a year.

Hofstra's football scholarship players can continue their scholarship or transfer to another school. Because the program is ending these transfers will be immediately eligible wherever they go.

Not to bee too much of a vulture but I decided to poke around the recruits who had both Buffalo and Hofstra listed as schools of interest. Many good UB athletes, including Roosevelt, were at one time seriously considering an FCS school so they should not be overlooked.

Some of the better looking recruits are:
  • Max Janoff - A short, but massive sized offensive lineman from New Jersey. He is not had any offers yet.
  • Marc Mauro - Listed as an athlete he plays wide receiver, running back, kick returner, and safety. He has 4.4 speed. Mauro had already an offer from Hofstra.
  • Michael Quinn - I think given Rudy Johnson's acceptance we are pretty well set at QB but I am impressed with his wish list (Buffalo, Hofstra, Harvard, Yale)
  • Matt Huckabee - Had already committed to Hofstra (His only offer). UB has yet to land a big Defensive lineman but we have a young group already there.
On paper none of these guys are really up there with the offers Gill has put out and, as rumors have it, UB is left with only five scholarships lefts (7 known verbals and 5 unknown for 17 scholarships). Mauro looks interesting, he has great speed and UB desperately needs to improve its return game.