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Former UB President William Greiner Has Died

Professor Greiner was president during my time at UB and like any other authority figure at a college campus he caught way more flak than was due to him. Part of the chior against the him as president was his support of UB's move to division one athletics. But he stood fast and helped elevate UB to a respectable division one program and the only SUNY school in the FBS.
Professor Greiner served as the university's 13th president from 1991 to 2004.

Greiner is credited with creating a number of research centers and institutes at UB and reaffirming the University's commitment to public service. Student enrollment reached record levels, and new on-campus student housing complexes were built during his tenure. And Greiner oversaw UB's rise in athletics to Division I status, culminating last year with a league championship in football and the school's first-ever appearance in a post-season bowl game. -- WBFO

Where Professor Greiner rightly saw Athletics as being a vital part of the quality of life for most young people many chided, and continue to chide at his legacy. But with the recent success of the program, the fact that instead of several thousand enjoying a game eighteen thousand now enjoy them vindicates his past critics and shows his current ones for the petty narrow visioned Debbie Downers that they are.

While his contribution to the graduate research centers is without question the biggest plus to the university it's not one that most in the WNY area see or feel a shared existence with. Nothing has started to tie the whole community to UB like the athletics programs. Keep his wife, Carol, and his whole family in your prayers through this time.