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Fiesta Bowl? Sham, Scam, or Grand Slam

so which is it?

Rather than have two BCS conference darlings get scuttled this season we get treated to a death match of the two undefeated non automatically qualifying schools. Is this a


Its the nature of the beast. The BCS is, was, and always will be a sham which is not as much interested in putting up the number one team against the number two team (or number three team and number four team) as it is in maximizing the amount of money they can milk out of their sponsors. Because of this TCU got paired up with Boise.


No way does the BCS want to worry about Boise *and* TCU going undefeated, nor do they want a repeat of last season when Utah throttled Alabama and ended up having a legitimate claim to the throne. To prevent this both Boise and TCU will be denied a chance to show themselves off against one of the self appointed power conferences.

By putting #4 against a #6 (from non-aq conferences) and a #3 against a #5 (from AQ conferences) there is little risk of a controversy about who is #1 this year and a fight over who should be #2 will be just as much press but with far less controversy.

Grand Slam:

There is no reason to complain, at the end of the season there will be a non-aq school that is undefeated and likely ranked number two or three in the nation. The other team will still be in the top ten and the publicity this is getting will lead to far more exposure than either would have gotten if they were paired up with a team like Iowa or Georgia Tech.

Fiesta Bowl: Sham, Scam, or Grand Slam?