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sorry for the late post, but Ive been really busy lately, and also just needed a few days for that loss to sink in.

On ubfan there has been a lot of talk about where the blame goes when you lose like that. I definitely think that its a combination of the players fault as well as the coaches fault. Reggie has lost games like that over and over again over the years that hes been here. This is my 4th year of school at Buffalo, but in those 4 years I've seen enough of this to put a lot of blame on the coaching and preparation before the games.

What happened at the end of the game was purely situational and is something that needs to be taught and worked on in practice over and over again. With 9 seconds left, you have to know that you're looking for one shot, plus enough time for a rebound and a put back. When a senior storms down the floor, and takes an uncontrolled layup with that much time left, you know it has to be a coaching thing since its something that needs to be learned in the 3.5 years prior to this game!!!

I'm also not a fan red shirting Mulkey this year. It blatantly shows that you have no trust in your "big recruit" to run the point next year, as well as doesn't show the "win now" attitude that Buffalo needs. This is suppose to be the year, and not having a true back-up point guard in situations like this is gonna kill us. When your not incorporating every piece to the puzzle when its suppose to be "the year" it shows that coach doesn't seem to think its "the year."

One of the thing that seems to bother me is that every game its seems like there are few players that just don't look like they want to be there. How are you not pumped to play a D-1 basketball game when you have a really good team, and have a chance to live the dream of going to the tourney??? It almost seems as if the players realize that they don't have a real shot of getting an at large bid with the schedule that they have. The probably know that winning all but 4 games this season is the only legitimate shot at getting to the tourney without winning the MAC championship. This is another one of the problems with having a weak schedule for a mid-major school. The players understand that the weak schedule they have this year means nothing until conference play starts. Maybe some of the veteran players who actually wanna win every game will knock some sense into the rest of the guys before they really have to win, since Reggie hasn't seemed to be able to do it over the past few years...