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Well That was fast

The first 'Gill is going to' Rumor died after a scant 36 hours on the web. In addition to Rodney McKissic of the buffalo news shooting it down the source itself has now declared that due to 'Financial Concerns' the 'Very Limited' conversations that were being held are now over.

Given the tone of the post on the WKU sports blog I can reenact exactly how this played out.

  • The Week of November 9th WKU announces they are letting go of David Elson.
  • The following Week November 18th, early in the morning Turner Gills Agent does what any good agent does and Calls WKU to see how much WKU is going to pay.
  • Shortly there after the rumor is born.
  • The answer from WKU is nowhere near the three quarters of a million dollars it would probably take to get turner Gill to make a lateral move.
  • The rumor goes into shock and dies
There are going to be other scares, and perhaps one or two that are really worrisome (Kansas) but it's nice to get the first one out of the way.