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Start of the Season

Last night a lively, energetic, fun-filled group of members from the basketball team helped coach Reggie Witherspoon get the fans excited about this years basketball team at the 2009-2010 UB Basketball tip-off event. Also attending the event was high hopes UB Women's Basketball team led by coach Linda Hill-MacDonald, Athletic Director Warde Manuel, Men's and Women's assistant coaches, family members, trueblue fans, local fans, UB faculty, and some famous alumni such as Willie Evans (halfback of the 58 UB Football team). Both the Women's and Men's teams did an excellent job of introducing one another to those who attended, but it wasn't the typical/boring types of introductions that you would usually see. Every player was forced to introduce another, and say a few good things about their game and how they help the team out. All of the players were able to crack jokes about one another, as well as joke around about "how well" coach Witherspoon sings. All in all, the night was packed with fun, but more importantly it showed the fans that this years basketball teams are ready to go.

Sunday night kicks off the season for the Men's team, who will host of the this years America East Conference Favorites, Vermont. The Catamounts were a very successful team last year, and were a lot better than their record indicated because they had gotten off to such a slow start. Buffalo faced Vermont in last years Bracket-Buster game, losing in a not so close contest. The 78-70 final score is definitely misleading, since the Catamounts dominated us pretty much the whole game. Although he didn't score the most for UVM, Marqus Blakely pretty much dominated any player tried to defend him. More impressively were his 9 rebounds and 5 rejections that just made Buffalo look stupid last year. If Buffalo wants a chance to win this game, they're going to have to do a lot better job of containing Blakely on the offensive and defensive end of the floor.

With all that being said, I honestly do think that Buffalo comes away with the victory, in a very close game that gets all of our hearts racing a little more than we want. Although Vermont has the best player in the game, Buffalo should be a slightly better team. First game of the year should definitely draw very good attendance, and the student section should be fairly filled too since many of those who filled the seats last year were underclassmen witnessed how good our team can actually be.

So...everyone should be pumped for the beginning of UB basketball, and everyone needs to be in attendance to help make Alumni Arena as loud as possible!!!! The only person who shouldn't be pumped is my lovely girlfriend Christina. Starting Sunday the amount of attention she gets from me will dramatically decrease, and shes going to have to listen to me rant about UB basketball pretty much all day everyday. She doesn't fully understand how much passion and excitement there is in college basketball (she goes to St Johns University) because more than half of their games are played off campus at MSG because to them its all about money. Don't worry Christina, you're still ahead of mountain dew and college football, but only because Marcus "Stonehands" Rivers doesn't know how to catch a football and is pretty much as useless as SJU basketball.

BU-FF-AL-O Go!!!! See you guys Sunday, 5.30