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Report Card and Thoughts: Miami

I know its only Miami but it was still a great experience to watch the Bulls go out there and have their way with another team. UB was clicking in every phase of the game and while I was a little worried when Miami was driving down to close the game to 28-17 the defense from last season showed up and took the ball away. It was our first win at Yager Stadium, and in a year where UB has found every way they can to lose I will take a win over one of the worst teams in football as a cause to celebrate.

Between Nduka an Roosevelt being out I was really worried that Miami would give us a run, it was nice to see Jackson step up at wide receiver and it was great to see Thermiuls, Jackson, Gill, and Sizemore play pretty decent games.

Another reason to be hopeful is that the coaches seemed to find that killer instinct, with a minute left in the first it was great to see UB stop the clock force a punt and run the ball down the field. The Bulls needed that moment two weeks ago when they had Bowling Green on the ropes. The offensive play calling seemed to be a 180 from what we have seen all year, Danny Barret needs to be making those calls weather we are 3-7 or 7-3.


Quarter back: (A)

Maynard's passing was so-so but his decision making was spectacular, better than I have seen all season. His field vision was great I don't think he wasted an option at any point and did he ever sell the play action (including on the naked bootleg).

Running backs: (A-)

Henry came out very cold, the fact Gill always goes with the hot hand (and has four or five backs to do so with) really paid off as Thermilus and Gill looked great. I honesty don't remember the last time I saw Threm look so agile.

Speaking of depth how about the game that Nick Sizemore played. His catch was huge but something that does not show up on paper are some of the blocks that he threw.

Wide Outs: (B)

Its hard to function without Roosevelt but it is something that UB fans are going to have to get used to. No terrible and untimely drops, routs were well run and the down field blocking was good. The unit as a whole looked good and it was nice to see strategic use of the tight end.

Offensive Line: (A)

No sacks given up, time to pass, and a great running game. It might be an A against Miami but its still an A

Offensive Coaching: (A-)

I liked everything except that naked screen they tried a couple of times. That's a play designed for Roosevelt, no receiver on UB aside form him has the moves to make that play work.

Defensive Line: (B+)

A lot of sacks, they kept Miami under 100 yards rushing but when they rushed four it seemed like Dysert had all day.

Line Backers: (A-)

They were very effective on the blitz, and did a great job against the run. Once or twice they over played Dysert and give up some first downs because of it.

Defensive Backs: (A)

Newton and Shannon were beast tonight there is no way to describe just how well they played. This was the defensive backfield we have expected all year.

Defensive Coaching: (A)

I was a little miffed about all the third downs they gave up but they were on the field for all buy four plays of the first quarter and gave up zero points. They made big plays, and looked prepared.

Special Teams: (B+)

No chance to fail but no real success either, you cant hold the 'roughing the kicker' against the punt coverage team and aside from that special teams was rather bland on all sides today. Still when you kick off seven times and nothing spectacular happens its been a good day