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MAC Power Rankings Week 13

#1 Central Michigan: Finished where most people believed they would, ten wins and the favorite in the MAC Championship. LeFevour ripped off 3,000 plus yards and the Chips Defense was far better than in years past. The only thing left for CMU to do is end Lefevour's career with a championship.
#2 Ohio: Ohio would have been, at best, the third pick to win the MAC East but aside from an off performance against Kent they waled away with the Eastern division teams, and they did it with as banged up a team as anyone.
#3 Temple: Temple's defense let them down, for only the second time in ten games. The difference between this game and the Miami game was that their offense could not make up for it. Still there is not too much to regret this season ans the Owls are going Bowling.
#4 Northern Illinois: Not as good as some would have hoped but NIU has an outside shot at a bowl. They have a nice win over Purdue on their resume but they finished their season with games against the respective division Champs. Still they could have don better given some of their tight losses (8, 3, 1, and 7)
#5 Bowling Green: Over on NCAABB's some are saying that Freddie Barnes may get them into a Bowl over NIU but in reality the fact they finished the season 6-1 and the fact they knocked off Sun Belt champion Troy.
#6 Buffalo: Knocking off Kent despite the fact that they were 2-5 in the red zone and could not muster a touchdown is a nice send off into 2010. UB will have to bounce back without their three leading pass catchers next season.
#7 Western Michigan: Hard to see Tim Hiller's career end with such a terrible performance on national TV but it seems to be par for the course when the Bronco's take the big stage.
#8 Kent State: For the second year in a row Kent was the only team from the East Division to take out the division Champ. But Kents run of sup par seasons continues (5-7, 4-8, 3-9. Doug Martin may survive the year but he will be on the worlds hottest seat next season.
#9 Toledo: Hard way to lose the season for a team that started with so much promise. Injuries, bad bounces, a difficult schedule, in inexplicably losing to Miami contributed to Toledo finishing 2-5 on the down hill side of the season.
#10 Ball State: Hard season for the Cards who's wins equal the number of losses they had last season. It's hard to tell if Brady Hoke just caught lightning in a bottle or if BSU just needs a bit of time to rebuild.
#11 Akron: No word, that I have seen, on Brookharts fate but if he does not survive someone gets to walk into one of the better gigs in the MAC next season. The Zips are brining in a lot of talent next season, the school has the best stadium in the MAC, and program has nowhere to go but up.
#12 Miami: The true measure of Mike Haywood's ability to recruit will be to keep up the quality at Miami after two terrible seasons. Miami spent the whole season looking like they were about to turn a corner but they just never got there.
#13 Eastern Michigan: Talking about programs with nowhere to go but up its hard to believe EMU fell off from last season but they landed 0-12. If WMU manages to pull off one of its last two games they will be the only team without a win.