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First Victory of the Year

It wasn't the most impressive performance ever, but a win is a win at the end of the day

Last nights game against Navy was one that was full of turnovers, lack of offensive flow, and really good defense on both parts. The Bulls were able to hold Navy to 53 points, forced 18 turnovers, as well as held Navy to 31% shooting from the floor. A total of 6 blocks coming from 4 different players helped reinforce the thought behind Buffalo being a really good defensive team this year. People always say "Defense wins championships" so the stellar D should make fans seem really optimistic, but if you actually watched the game (as well as the Vermont game) you would understand that optimistic is not the type of word to use here.

Just like in the Vermont game, Buffalo's offense was absolutely awful. They couldn't get into any sort of consistent flow, shot 64% from the charity stripe, and had 24 turnovers!!!! No I'm not joking, they legit had 24 turnovers, and if i remember correctly 10 of them came within the first 9 minutes of the game.
Pierce, Filzen, and Smiley did pretty much nothing again, but luckily the Bulls had good games from Watt, Betts, and Alston. Jawaan Alston? Yes I said Jawaan Alston, he provided 9 points, 10 rebounds, and surprisingly really good defense. I mean it wasn't a performance for the ages, but good post play from our back-ups is exactly what we need when Titus Robinson plays 7 minutes total because of foul trouble.

All in all, the offense still wasn't there, but there still is plenty of time to get that figured out before conference play begins in January. I know it would be great to get it figured out asap since we still have a lot of non-conference games left, but the likely hood of getting an at large bid has the same chances as me getting with my dream girl, Jessica Simpson. Every day I hope to just randomly meet her on the street, and seduce her so fast that she gets into my bedroom without me asking...but as great as this may sound, I should probably start looking at the big picture and get ready for reality, and drop the Jessica Simpson dream. Maybe if Buffalo is lucky they can have everything straightened out offensively in 2 weeks so that we can at least put up a strong performance against Purdue. Bottom line is that its still early, so there's nothing to be overly concerned with, or overly excited with as of now.