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First Game of the Year!!!

Ok, so the title might be slightly misleading since its only an exhibition game, but hey anything can happen. Just ask those Orange Folks 130 miles east of here, they can tell you about how hard defeating non D1 opponents, who are completely undersized at every position, at home can be. (I'm sorry to all Cuse fans who felt that I wasn't going to bring that up, but if you honestly thought that then you are out of your mind. It was totally necessary and SU needs to be laughed at over and over again for it). I'm actually quite mad that i spent my time Tuesday night watching our football team trying to run the clock out starting with 1 minute 39 seconds in the first half. Silly me didn't even DVR the Cuse game, because I didn't expect Cuse to be that bad...

Anyway...this is the first time that UB gets to play an organized game in front of a crowd, and actually keep real scoring and time. Buffalo actually played against St Bonnies in a practice exhibition kinda game down in Olean, and according to blogs from UB's Sean Smiley and from a St Bonaventure fan blog, we actually kind of beat them quite badly (I know my English is kind of shaky there, but that's the way I talk, actually "tawk" deal with it). Rumor has it that we seemed unable to miss from beyond the arc, which is something quite surprising to me since we didn't seem to shoot 3's well at all last year. I guess Zach Filzen is proving to be a good pick-up already.

I expect Coach Reggie to start with the people who he plans on starting with for the season, but I don't think they'll have too much time in the game. All of the starters played a lot together last year, so getting them accustomed to each other isn't too much of a concern. I think Reggie is going to do a good job of getting the transfer who had to sit out last year, Zach Filzen, a lot of playing time to get him accustomed to the other guys on the court in a real game situation. I also expect to see Tony Watson to get a lot of time at the point guard position for the same reason as Zach, but also to get him used to real college basketball action. Daemen is a good D3, so I think we can gain a lot by playing them in an exhibition because it gives us a good opportunity to do things that you cant do so much in practice, such as out of bounds plays, and zone defense. I know you can practice those things in practice, but in practice, the opposing team knows your out of bounds plays, and they know what your trying to do with your zone defense, so working on these things in practice only does so much.

Unfortunately I will be missing the scrimmage since I have to be in Cleveland for the weekend to consume a ton of beer, but that's a different story. Don't worry, I don't think Ill miss another game for the rest of the year, so you can count of my insight being reliable and first hand.
To those who are freshman or never attend basketball games, you should really go. Its a lot of fun because you get to watch us beat up on an undersized team, you get to meet a whole bunch of crazy people in the student section (good crazy, not bad crazy) and maybe if you're lucky like we were 2 years ago, you'll have the pleasure of watching Smiley try do dunk but get stuffed by the rim on a wide open breakaway. Since our football team cant seem to do anything right this year, you might as well watch the basketball team do everything right in an easy scrimmage. Bottom line is, get your asses to the games!!!! They're a ton of fun, they help out the team, and makes us look good on national tv.