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Bulls nab a second Recruit from the sunshine state

Last week The Miami Herald reported that Florida DB Dwellie Striggles committed to Buffalo.

While can not find much of anything on Scout or rivals about him some digging around turned up impressive video.

Athletic, playmaking athlete that can contribute on both sides of the ball. Quick feet, strong hands and good speed to make the big catch or shut down a top receiver. --
The 5-10, 175-pound made it known that he is interested in his education earlier this year when he transferred to the "University School" in Fort Lauderdale. Dwillie stressed that the atmosphere at UB is what he wanted to continue his growth.
"The program is so much like what I experienced this year at University School,A family-oriented atmosphere with people who care about what you do – on and off the playing field. That was the major selling point for me." -- Dwillie Striggles
This is another nice grab for Gill on someone flying way below the Radar. Thanks to 'willy2rack' for the heads up..