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Bull Run Top 25 - Week 12

Bull Run top 25, Week 12

1. Texas
2. TCU
3. Florida +1
4. Alabama -1
5. Boise State
6. Cincinnati
7. Ohio State
8. Pittsburgh
9. Georgia Tech
10. Oklahoma State +1
11. Oregon +2
12. Brigham Young
13. Utah +1
14. Miami +1
15. Penn State +1
16. Houston +1
Virginia Tech +2
18. USC +2
19. Mississipi +6
20. LSU -10
21. Nebraska +1
22. Iowa -2
23. Clemson +3
24. Northwestern +2
25. Arizona
Out Rutgers
Out Stanford
Out Wisconsin

Movin' on up: These are the teams that made the biggest moves of the week. A big move is either a large numerical jump (like moving from #25 to #15) or clearing a huge hurdle (moving from #3 to #2, or cracking the top 10)

No big movers this week (aside from Ole' Miss but I'll get to them later) as for the most part the teams in or around the top 25 took care of business.

Movin' on down: These are the teams that have the biggest plummet of the week (again this is either numerically or losing ground)

LSU proved the value of a good coach, never have I seen such bad clock management. First they wait forever and a day to call that timeout and then they don't use that timeout to get the FG team ready and staged? That's high school level coaching, its bush league, and its the *only* reason LSU did not manage to comeback after that amazing on side kick recovery.

Movin' on out: Teams that have been dropped from the top25

Standford drops after their loss to Cal, Rutgers is out after getting spanked by *snicker* Syracuse, and Wisconsin gets swapped out with Northewestern.

Movin' on in: Teams that have entered the top 25

Northwestern has earned its way in by beating Iowa and Wisconsin over the past two weeks.

Clemson has been tearing it up lately and their only 'bad' loss was a close game to Maryland. Their other losses to Miami and TCU were both solid games against great teams.

Despite massive coaching negligence on the part of LSU credit still has to go to Ole' Miss who should not have been in that position if their front line hands team goes after the ball. They out played LSU in every other aspect of the game.

Knocking on the door: These are the teams that I would rank in the high 20's to the mid 30's who have upcoming games that are consequential enough to crack into the top 25.

Cal is probably at the front of the line after taking out Stanford I could not bring myself to drop Arizona for losing that tight a game to a top 10 team, otherwise Cal would be sitting at 25.

West Virginia was idle and thus is still here as a Holdover from last week.

Temple and CMU are also holdovers from last week, Akron and Ball state prove nothing. They have a chance this week as they each face their most difficult conference game of the year (Temple Versus 8-3 Ohio and CMU versus 7-4 NIU).

Navy is a holdover but to be honest unless they show something spectacular against Army its going to be hard for them to get in to the top 25, Army is a pretty weak team and its a bit crowded on the waiting list.

Texas Tech, who has one bad loss this year (and three 'good loses') is still waiting Baylor wont show much but if team ahead of them have problems they have a good shot at getting in.

Late on the Rent: These are teams that are close to being bumped out of their spot. Usually a team ends up here if they are just scraping by (too many tight games against inferior opponents or only having suspect wins). A team late on the rent might either be on their way out or just losing an important spot. Basically they are a team that, upon inception, makes you wonder if they should be ranked as highly as they are but without sure answer.

PAC-10 Duo Arizona and USC are still both flirting with being dropped, Arizona is only #25 on pure mercy (more like tied with Cal) and USC has looked overrated all year. Given they play in week 13 its a solid bet they don't both end up in the top 25.