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Bull Run Top 25 - Week 11

Bull Run top 25, Week 9

1. Texas
2. TCU
3. Alabama +1
4. Florida -1
5. Boise State
6. Cincinnati
7. Ohio State +3
8. Pittsburgh
9. Georgia Tech
10. LSU +3
11. Oklahoma State +4
12. Brigham Young +2
13. Oregon +3
14. Utah -2
15. Miami -8
16. Penn State +3
17. Houston -6
Wisconsin +4
Virginia Tech +5
20. USC -4
21. Iowa -1
22. Stanford +4
23. Nebraska +3
24. Rutgers +2
25. Arizona -7
Auburn +3
Texas Tech
Out South Florida

Movin' on up: These are the teams that made the biggest moves of the week. A big move is either a large numerical jump (like moving from #25 to #15) or clearing a huge hurdle (moving from #3 to #2, or cracking the top 10)

Big moves for Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and Virginia Tech. Aside form Ohio State the teams that moved up got more of a bump than I otherwise would have given them because of the carnage that happened this week with Miami, Houston, and USC Moving down to make some room.

Movin' on down: These are the teams that have the biggest plummet of the week (again this is either numerically or losing ground)

USC sits at #20 and it pains me to have them that high, but I just don't see too many teams below them who belong above them (maybe Iowa or Stanford).

Miami takes a big hit after their flat showing against North Carolina and Houston Losing to UCF? That's the second time this ranked team has fallen flat against a conference USA foe (UTEP being the other team to beat them).

Finally Arizona takes a hit for its loss to Cal, I was close to dropping them out completely and putting CAL in at #25 but both teams have time to work their way up and 2.6 yards per carry by Arizona is really out of character.

Movin' on out: Teams that have been dropped from the top25

South Florida drops out, again, and this time I don't see them making their way back in, maybe if they win out and some teams ahead of them trip they might make it back to the high 20's.

Auburn and Texas Tech also drop and like South Florida have been bobbing in and out of the high 20's for some time many teams from non AQ conferences are playing strong seasons so it will be difficult for either of them to make it in.

Movin' on in: Teams that have entered the top 25

Stanford has been on my mind for some time and thrashing USC gets them into to top 25 with two big games left (Cal and ND) they can crack into the mid teens if they play strongly.

Nebraska is back, I can't imagine how much the Corn Huskers would like that Iowa State game back but they have the inside track at winning the Big12 North but I don't think there is a real shot they will beat Texas in the championship game.

Rutgers has been flying under the Radar, for me, all season long. But With the throttling of South Florida and a seven and two record (with losses to only #8 Pitt and #6 Cincinnati) they cant be ignored any more this season.

Knocking on the door: These are the teams that I would rank in the high 20's to the mid 30's who have upcoming games that are consequential enough to crack into the top 25.

West Virginia took Cincinnati to the edge, and pending some questionable replay calls could have knocked the Bear Cats off. They have a shot at the other Big Dog in the conference when they get Pitt this week.

MAC Division leaders Temple, and CMU both have a pretty nice resume, temple with the win over Navy has slightly better shot at cracking in right now. Both teams have one game against a team that is probably going bowling (NIU vs CMU and Ohio vs Temple)

Navy is having a great season, save the loss to Temple they would already be in but they have a pretty light schedule remaining with two teams that will not, in all likelihood, be bowling left to play.

Oregon State and Cal are both in line to knock Arizona out and both hove some impressive games left on their schedule a win by either next week (defiantly by Cal) gets them

Clemson the game against Virgina is not going to prove much but the final weeks match up against South Carolina may get them in.

Late on the Rent: These are teams that are close to being bumped out of their spot. Usually a team ends up here if they are just scraping by (too many tight games against inferior opponents or only having suspect wins). A team late on the rent might either be on their way out or just losing an important spot. Basically they are a team that, upon inception, makes you wonder if they should be ranked as highly as they are but without sure answer.

PAC-10 Duo Arizona and USC are both flirting with being dropped the game they play on the 5th may be a fight to stay ranked.

Houston is also on the bubble, despite being ranked 18th their two losses make me very suspicious that they are not a top 25 team right now.