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Buffalo and Miami: Half Time

After a terrible, and terribly lucky, first quarter Buffalo woke up. For the firs time this season they are looking like the squad we all thought they would be (yes I realize this is Miami we are playing but Miami is not as bad as their record).

After Raudabaugh came in I really wanted to see UB smash some heads, I know its senior night but to play him when its 3-0 Miami was a huge slap in the face to the Bulls (that or Haywood is not playing to win).

Defensively Newton and Shanon are looking great, when the D-line has had lapses (and they have had a few today) the secondary has really be picking them up. I am slightly concerned at how much time Dysert is getting but I think the D-Line is getting in enough to stay in his head.

Offensively it was great to see Thermilus step up to be what we all thought he could (against this is against Miami), Nick Sizemore had a great catch and the receivers have been ok. The pages of the playbook with the tight end seemed to have turned up, and just in the nick of time.

The kick return by Young was fantastic, he just went straight ahead and waited for a hole to open. The fact no hole opened is not important, what is important is that he made it to the 30 yard line without being too fancy.

Finally it was great to see UB be aggressive with less than two minutes in the half, I really think if they had done that against Bowling green they would have won. Between that and the naked bootleg 'Sucker play' (as turner Gill called it) the offensive play calling is the best its been all year.