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Phil Steels mid season All-MAC Team

The Full Team can be seen here

While UB has struggled in the early going this season Buffalo has had several players do everything in their power to carry the team. Phil Steele put out his mid season all MAC team and, for the most part, I can't argue with his placement.

From Buffalo:

First Team:

WR - Naaman Roosevelt
It would have been a crime not to put Roosevelt on the list. When James Starks went down Roosevelt became about the only person that Opposing teams would key on. Despite the attention he is third in the conference in Yards and second in both receptions and touchdowns.

TE - Jessie Rack
Rack has been my favorite Bull this year! He does not have the numbers that Roosevelt has, obviously, but he is tied for sixth in the MAC among receivers and tight ends. He has been a force in the passing game and is run blocking far better this year than anyone could have expected.

Second Team:

LB - Justin Winters
Probably fair to put him second team and not first team, but just barely fair. He has been a rock for the UB defense, He has been effective in every role you can ask from a linebacker.

CB - Domonic Cook

Another just barely fair rating, Cook has been a monster this year tied for second in Passes defended. Working in a secondary that is a bit banged up he has dome more than his fair share in holding the UB defense together.

S - Mike Newton
Like Cook he could have been first or second team and like Cook the lack of interceptions is the only thing keeping him off the first team. With defensive pressure from the front seven starting to show expect Cook and Newton to make moves towards the first team as the season comes along

Third Team:

RB - Ike Nduka
How much of a life saver is it to find a back that can make the mid year ALL MAC team with only two full starts under his belt. Ike has helped the entire offense find its groove.

WR - Brett Hamlin

This is the only place where Steele got it clearly wrong. Hamlin is at least a second team receiver. He does not have Roosevelt's numbers but that's mainly because he plays on the same team! Nobody in the MAC has better hands and runs cleaner routs than Brett Hamlin.

OT - Andrew West

Nice to see the big man get some credit, UB's offensive line has looks like a scene from MASH this year but they have pulled together and gotten better every game.