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MAC Power Rankings: Week 7

#1 Central Michigan: Cleared the WMU hurdle, there only two legit challenges left for them in the MAC and they spent the day beating each other up. The last three weeks of the season are going to be pretty interesting in the west.
#2 Ohio: With NIU getting tripped up in the glass bowl beating Miami was enough to move the Bob Cats to #2. They have a a chance to make bowl eligibility next week against Kent State. What a turnaround, Thanks Giving is looking like a better and better game.
#3 Temple: Nice win against Army, Charlton is coming along well as this was his best performance of the year (QB rating be darned, he did better today then against nova). Next week they will get a shot at the Glass Bowl and Barry Church.
#4 Toledo: Barry Church... Be afraid of Barry church. Is there anything he cant do, I half expect him to return a kickoff, kick a field goal, throw a touchdown pass, and coach a game before the season is over. What's scary is that they just took out the Huskies without Opelt completing a single pass.
#5 Northern Illinois: They came out on the short end of what had to be the best game of the week. Its going to be hard to stomach having a +2 turnover advantage and still losing. They will get a shot to vent their frustration against Miami next week, as if the RedHawks did not have enough problems.
#6 Bowling Green: They took it to Ball State early, they took it to them often and then they went and let the cards dominate the second half. Still they have bounced back with two straight wins since losing to Ohio, if they make it three in a row its going to be at the expense of Central Michigan, good luck with that.
#7 Western Michigan: They kept up well with the Chips until wheels came off late in the second quarter. Right now we have WMU beating Toledo, Toledo Beating NIU, and NIU beating WMU. The west is turning out to be a pretty interesting race... For the #2 spot.
#8 Buffalo: Decent effort by Buffalo, for once they won the turnover battle and it was key to beating the Zips. It's been a long time since the defense won a game for UB but clearly led by Steven Means defense won the day this time around. They are going to need that defense against the Bronco's next week.
#9 Kent State: The good news is this that Kent has beaten Miami and EMU, the bad news is that they can't play themselves this season.Still if they are for real playing Ohio next week will give them a chance to prove it.
#10 Akron: Two turnovers inside the 20, not at all a way to win on the road. With the loss to Buffalo (and the loss of Bowser) The Zips have officially slipped into complete rebuilding mode but the good news is they have a great QB for the future in Nicely.
#11 Ball State: 0-7 and facing what is probably the only winnable game left on their schedule next week when the travel to Ypsi. They might jump up and surprise any of the powers left on their schedule (CMU, WMU, NIU, Ohio) but if they squander the game against EMU going from 12-0 to 0-12 is not only possible, it's probable.
#12 Miami: Lost ugly to to Ohio, but who haven't they lost ugly to this season? Wow do I wish there was a Miami EMU game. Dysert is still looking good for a first year starter with a terrible offensive line and little in the way of offensive weapons.
#13 Eastern Michigan: Speaking of ugly losses the Eagles made Kent look like a power in the conference. There is always next year, hopefully the Eagles will get a win before then.