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MAC Power Rankings: Week 6

#1 Central Michigan: That had to bee a somewhat cathartic experience for the Chip's. Exercising the ghosts of choke jobs past, moving to 3-0 in the conference and perhaps making a statement in the eye of AP/Coached poll voters were all accomplished this week (no they won't be ranked but they are going to get some votes).
#2 Northern Illinois: Enjoy the week off Huskies, Toledo is going to be looking for something to prove next week.
#3 Ohio: Both the Bob Cats and Owls struggled this week, but for their part Ohio never trailed so they get the nod in the east. Being +3 on turnovers the Ohio should have buried the Zips but a win is a win, just don't count on a team giving you the ball inside the five very often
#4 Temple: For awhile in the 3rd quarter Owls fans had to be getting a bit nervous. Still the Owls survived a threat from Ball State and dropped the Cards to 0-6. Like Ohio, Temple managed to make a close game out of what should have been laugher.
#5 Western Michigan: If that was the real CMU today then don't hand the MAC west to CMU just yet. Statistically it should not have been the blowout, but the performance on third downs (by both the offense and defense) put Toledo behind and kept them there.
#6 Toledo: So in the past two week Toledo has barely escaped Ball State and gotten totally throttled by WMU. if they don't right their ship next week against NIU they will dig themselves a pretty deep hole in the west.
#7 Bowling Green: I don't know quite what to do about the Falcons, on one hand they had a great fourth quarter comeback against Kent, on the other hand they needed a great fourth quarter comeback against Kent...
#8 Buffalo: If the past two weeks is any indication Buffalo is back, they have a running game (Nduka has 300+ yards in the past two games), Their defense is starting to close down their soft center, and special teams is not a total net negative (though place kicking need some work).
#9 Akron: Gave the game away to Ohio but defiantly starting to show some signs of life. Way out gained the Bob Cats but you don't win games with five turnovers, just ask Buffalo or Miami. Hopefully, for Akron, Rodgers will get good news this week they are getting very thing at QB.
#10 Kent State: Nice effort in a lot of ways by the Golden Flashes today but what in the world was Martin thinking on that last offensive series? Those two incomplete passes cost you a minute of clock time and probably the game.
#11 Ball State: The cards just keep finding ways to lose They had the lead, they had the momentum, and for the first two series of the third quarter they found a defense. This team is way better than 0-6 but being better than your record is no longer good enough for the middle of the pack.
#12 Miami: Out of the cellar for the first time on the back of EMU getting throttled against CMU. And by the fact Miami has started to look a bit better. Still if they don't get the turnovers under control the RedHawks and Eagles will be racing to the bottom all year.
#13 Eastern Michigan: I don't think anyone was expecting a win but the way the Eagles played the CMU Band would have beaten them. About the only plus coming out of this game was Corey Welch, but when you fall behind 14-0 in the first quarter (35-0 in the first half) you don't get to use the running game.