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MAC Power Rankings: Week 9

#1 Temple: If Temple being 6-2 and undefeated in the MAC is not scary enough consider this; Bernard Pierce is just a freshman, Al Golden has finally started to figure out how to win games and they have had some of the strongest recruiting classes in the conference for some time.
#2 Central Michigan: They are not being bumped because of the Loss to Boston College, they are being bumped because Temple is flat out the best team in the conference rights now. CMU is still, IMO, a lock for the west and should give Temple a Go if both teams reach the MACC.
#3 Northern Illinois: Yes, it was a comeback of sorts and against Akron of all teams. Despite the fact they squeaked by a team they should have hammered the Huskies should win their next two and go into Ohio/CMU at 7-3. Still I am pretty sure Red And Black Attack may have some choice words about those first three quarters.
#4 Kent State: I said in the MAC Blogger Pick'em that if Kent took care of the WMU offense then there is no reason to believe that their defense is not for real. Of all the teams in the east they have the Best chance of taking Temple out.
#5 Western Michigan: The hold the five spot, Kent has been getting better every week and nobody who is lower down on the list earned their way past the Broncos. at 4-5 and a match up against MSU next week they may have just put themselves out of the Bowl picture this year.
#6 Ohio: Well you beat Ball State, barely. The Bobcats have to be getting pretty concerned about the direction their season is going in; Theo Scott has looked pretty bad and they finish the season with NIU and Temple, two of the better defenses in the conference. Still they have a nice long time to get ready for Buffalo.
#7 Bowling Green: The 'off week' lets the falcons hold their spot. A win Against Buffalo would put them at 4-5, 3-2 and perhaps on the outside shot for a #6 MAC Bowl should there be one
#8 Toledo: Miami was due, Dysert has been getting better as the games go on, and the only group of players less healthy than Toledo Quarterbacks are Buffalo Running Backs. Still a loss to Miami Imust be punished. Like WMU they just put themselves behind NIU, Ohio, Kent, and perhaps the winner of Tuesdays Buffalo / BGSU game for a bowl..
#9 Buffalo: Starks is of course out but now Nduka, Thermilus, and Henry are questionable? Maybe I can get a few reps this Tuesday... Turner give me a call, I have the week off.
#10 Ball State: Solid effort against Ohio and given the amassed less than 250 total offensive yards its a bit surprising they kept it as close as they did (winning the turnover battle and keeping Ohio 4-14 on third down helps). The card come into the hardest three game stretch of their conference schedule playing half way decent ball. It may be enough to catch someone napping.
#11 Miami: I can't find it in myself to take the Red Hawks out of the top ten, just yet. They have defiantly come far enough to jump over Akron just yet. With Dysert throwing for 700+ yards, three touchdowns, and rushing for two more the Red Hawks have a real shot at beating Both Buffalo and/or Bowling Green.
#12 Akron: Whats the Difference between Zips and EMU? The Zips were smart enough to schedule a IAA Cupcake. Right now there is a real chance the final game of the season will be a 1-10 Akron team against an 0-11. In some ways I would rather watch that than Temple/Ohio.
#13 Eastern Michigan: The hits just keep on coming, less than 40 yards of offense in the first half (0-7 on third downs), Giving up 400 yards to the Razorbacks (13.9 yards per carry). Well at least Patrick Treppa had a career day and the Eagles should be taking home a fat check from the beating.