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Bull Run top 25: Week 8

Bull Run top 25, Week 8

1. Texas +1
2. Alabama -1
3. TCU +1
4. Florida -1
5. Cincinnati +1
6. Iowa -1
7. Boise State
8. Oregon
9. Penn State +2
10. USC
11. LSU +2
12. Georgia Tech +3
13. Pittsburgh +1
14. Oklahoma State +3
15. Virginia Tech +1
16. Utah +2
17. Brigham Young -5
18. West Virginia +3
19. South Carolina +2
20. Miami -11
21. Ohio State +3
22. Houston +3
23. Nebraska +2
24. Notre Dame -5
25. Central Michigan
Out Nebraska
Out Idaho

Movin' on up: No huge movers this week, several teams made a jump of 1-3 spots. Most noticeably Georgia Tech who is dominating in games against lesser opponents (something many in the top ten or so have struggled with this season).

Movin' on down: Firstly, I fulfilled my end of the Notre Dame bet so their spot in the teens is given to more deserving teams. Still Notre Dame did get the BC monkey off their back so I can't totally drop them out of the picture.

Taking big hits for losing are Miami who dropped to unranked Clemson and BYU who got hammered by #3 TCU. A bit of juggling in the top 5 moves Texas to #1 and TCU to #3, Florida has been the beneficiary of some questionable calls over the past weeks and are still just barely winning.

Movin' on out: I was really hoping that Idaho could hold their streak until they played Boise later this season. It seems all the folks who have been calling me out for ranking them were right and at this point they only way they sniff to top 25 again is if they beat Boise.

Nebraska's third loss, this one to Iowa State, kicks them out of the door as well, not too many ways I see them making any more serious noise this season. If they win out they might climb into the very high 20's but what was a promising season has started to fall flat.

Movin' on in: Houston has paid its penance for the loss to UTEP with three straight wins (that and UTEP is looking like a better team every week). They are joined by Arizona who are them selves setting up a nice little conference run. The match up in two weeks against the Bears is looking better and better by the week.

Knocking on the door: Trying to trick or treat their way into the top 25 are Kansas State, South Florida, Navy, Stanford, Mississippi.

Late on the Rent: Notre Dame is just hanging on! If they do not destroy WSU next week I doubt they stay in the top 25 unless their is mass carnage elsewhere. Iowa continues to play games that are way too close against suspect teams (MSU, MU) They need to impress in their next two weeks to keep ahead of teams like Boise and USC.