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Bull Run top 25: Week 7

Bull Run top 25, Week 7

1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. TCU +2
5. Iowa +2
6. Cincinnati +7
7. Boise State -3
8. Oregon +4
9. Miami -2
10. USC
11. Penn State +4
12. Brigham Young +4
13. LSU
14. Pittsburgh +7
15. Georgia Tech +10
16. Virginia Tech -11
17. Oklahoma State +3
18. Utah +1
19. Notre Dame +6
20. West Virginia +5
21. South Carolina -4
22. Nebraska -12
23 Idaho +1
24. Ohio State -15
25. Central Michigan +1
Out. South Florida
Out. Kansas

Movin' on up:

TCU (The only top ten team winning big) along with Cincinnati and Iowa all leapfrog Boise State who is seriously struggling in games that should not be close.

Notre Dame beat Washington and kept it close against USC,I promised a couple of weeks ago that those who things would get them in the high teens and I am now reminded of why promises are a bad thing..

Oregon jumps over USC who has escaped Ohio State and ND...

Movin' on down:

Virgina Tech who not only lost but looked bad in doing it!

Nebraska and Ohio State drop to the cellar, I was seriously tempted to Punt them *especially Ohio* but there is enough time left for them to fall out on their own/

Movin' on out:

Goodbye to South Florida who could not take advantage of a terrible start or an Injury to Pike... Don't forget to take KU with you..

Movin' on in:

Georgia Tech not only moves in but jumps to the Mid Teens, I should have had them on my radar a week or so ago but the win over VT, and their record, has to move them into the mid ranks.

MAC power CMU! They have not had the best schedule in the world but beating WMU like a drum, on the road, and starting the season 6-1 has to count for something.

Knocking on the door:

Houston still has the credentials to hop back in, if they can win big next week there is no reason not to forgive the UTEP loss.

Texas Tech: Nice win, but I am still a bit weary. They have some strong opposition remaining

Late on the Rent:

Florida has held their position despite a few squeakers of late, I was seriously tempted to drop them below TCU but the horned frogs have not had the same level of competition. If Florida does not *destroy* Miss this coming week I'm going to drop them below TCU, Cincinnati, and Iowa (assuming they all play well).