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Bull Run takes to the ice..

There have been, for some time, grumblings among many UB sports fans that the Athletic Department does not support a Mens Hockey team. It's not always been this way, UB used to have a D1 team (supported by the University) until the sport was dropped in 1988.

It's unfortunate that in a hockey town like Buffalo that UB to this day still does not support it's hockey team, what's even more unfortunate is that many students are not even aware that the team has soldiered on for 20 plus years with zero help from the UB Athletics department (when I was a student in the 90's I was unaware we even had a team).

Currently UB Hockey exist as a "club" team and member the of the Eastern Collegiate Hockey League within the AHCA. UB plays teams like R.I.T, Syracuse, Niagara, Rochester. Because I grew up in Buffalo (meaning my sports world revolves around Football and Hockey) and because Brandon Harris was kind enough to take hoops off my hands Bull Run will start to have updates and news on how the team is doing.

If fans want the university to start UB Athletics to start taking hockey seriously we should start putting it up there with Basketball and Football regardless of what funding is has and from where it comes.

All home games are played at the Amherst Pepsi Center on Friday and Saturday evenings. There are sometimes a Sunday afternoon/evening game as well. The Amherst Pepsi Center is directly across Millersport Highway from UB's North Campus. UB students (with ID) get in for free and its just $5 for all others. For a schedule of games you can chek out the Hockey schedule on the Bull-Run sidebar, or, visit the teams homepage.