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Blog Exchange: Rasor on the Zips

Mike Rasor is a busy guy, in addition to being a law student at Akron University he is also a rabid sports fan who runs a great community blog covering UA Athletics. Right now the highlight is clearly the performance of the Akron mens Soccer team who are undefeated and #1 in the nation according to many polls. I asked mike if he could fit in a few questions before this weeks game and he was kind enough to oblige..

Bull Run (BR): You're now down to your third string quarterback, you've lost a coach for what is probably a just secondary recruiting violation, and some players have had run ins with the law. Is the feeling at Akron that you have finally hit bottom? and Can JD Brookhart save his job by salvaging a six or seven win season.

Rasor on the Zips (ROZ): Every week, we think it's rock bottom because of the off-the-field issues, but then Saturday rolls around and the on-field activity takes us even lower. This year was supposed to be a phenomenal season for the fans because of the new on-campus stadium. It has been a nightmare.

BR: Assuming that Matt Rodgers can't go on Saturday you are going to be starting true freshman Patrick Nicely. How well does he fit into Shane Montgomery's offense? What does UB secondaries have to look out for from this three star recruit?

ROZ: That's a good question. Nicely has a strong arm, quick release and the ability to run. I think he will be a star at some point, but it would be a stretch to say Buffalo needs to be worried. Nicely is still getting acclimated to running the team.

BR: Akron's Defense is ranked in the middle of the pack, given that you have played Penn State and CMU, that ranking is with your toughest competition is behind you. How is defense going to handle Naaman Roosevelt and the Bulls?

ROZ: The defense hasn't been bad. Roosevelt ate up the Zips last time out. I expect him to get his normal numbers on Saturday, too.

BR: UB has had a ton of success using tight ends, how well does Brian Wagner cover backs and tight ends coming out for passes, we know he plays great against the run.

ROZ: Wagner is among the league leaders in interceptions. He can seemingly do it all. Some players seem to be in position to make the big plays, and he is one of them. He is the lone bright point in this season.

BR: Special teams usually wins close games, UB has probably the worst special teams in the conference where are the Zips special teams strong and weak points?

ROZ: Akron is juggling between two place kickers. Neither have looked very good. The return units are just OK. It probably will be a push between the teams.


Game note for UB fans, the Akron Game will be on TWS and on ESPN360 (according to MAC Sports)