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Akron at Buffalo - Half time thoughts...

The OL players are doing well this season considering how many new faces there are, how many injuries, and how many position changes there have been. But despite their effort I have no more illusions about our offensive line getting better, without Ike Nduka we have no running game. Without a running game Maynard will make mistakes (like the pic off of the screen).

Hamlin has the hands of a Greek God or, at the very least, a demi-god. This week he was smart enough to make a super human catch and just hand the ball to the official.

The defense deserves a ton of respect for what they have done this game, taking the ball away twice inside the 20 is huge, and the only reason we are still in it at all. So while I want to hammer them for not wrapping on tackles I have to season that by saying they look better here than they have against anyone save GW. Still we need to see better use of the hands on tackles, especially on nicely.

Coaches gave up late in the first and I don't know why? why not throw a short hail Mary to at least try and get into field goal range. but after the way out offense played the first half I'll take 7-7.

On the Akron side you have to like nicely, he never really seemed rattled, even on the pick he was calm, he just hesitated a fraction of a second too long. With the way nicely is playing, especially if Bowser comes back, the defense can not be expected to hold the whole game, Maynard and the Offense have to step it up.

Akron's defense looks great, but then again they look great stopping the UB running game, everyone but CMU and GW have accomplished that. Mario Henry is not going to get consistent yards attacking the center of this offense, we need more of Maynard who has looked very good on the ground.