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1st Half Summary... Gardner Webb


Granted Gardner Webb is missing some key starters among their front seven but I still was expecting a little something more from the Bulldogs..

Three Troubling Things from the first half
  • Something I do worry about is that Webb marched down the field on their first dive to score, to this point *only* UTEP failed to score against UB on their first possession (and that is owed to a stupid penalty on their part..)
  • Kickoff coverage is spotty, we have some opponents left with good special teams and if this is the best we can do UB will surrender another kickoff return or two this year.
  • Place Kicking: 3/5 on PAT's completely unacceptable
Three Great Things
  • The play of Hamlin and Rack both have showed great hands and have been running crisp routes. Slow day so far for Roosevelt but if Jessie and Brett keep ripping up the Dogs eventually they are going to have to take their focus off of Naaman.
  • Forced a special teams turnover, we don't have too many of those this year.
  • The running game, I think Thermilus is best used as a change of pace back he was amazing last season in that position and he is picking up again now that Ike is in the starting role.