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What did we learn Thursday...


Temple is either very unlucky, very undisciplined, or very out of shape. They squandered numerous games last year on missed FG's, late turnovers, and sloppy play. Tonight they outplayed Villinova in virtually every aspect of the game. Leading by ten late in the 4th they put up key interceptions on offense and cold no longer pressure the QB on defense as Nova won the first Mayors Cup.

Bowling Green:

Never, ever, pick against the Falcons in Week 1. Given the fact they upset Pitt last year it is too early to say they are the front runner but they did manhandle a solid Rice team in the second half. They did not run the ball well but when your QB drops 339 on the defense you can get away with a sub par running game. The only area where they were really weak was 3rd down conversions, but that was mitigated by going 3-3 on 4th down.

Kent State:

Once Kent got going the game looked like a FBS/FCS match up should. The problem is Kent did not get going until the second half and they only put two touchdowns on the Chants. Coastal Carolina has not had a winning season since 2006 and they are, unlike Villinova, not likely to be contenders this year. If Kent does not get better production, early, from Eugene Jarvis they are going to struggle this year against FBS level defenses.

Ball State :

In the Cardinals defense North Texas is going to be a have better program this year than the 1-11 team they offered up last season. But putting aside that the Mean Green are not going to be cupcakes this year the performance the Cardinals put out has to scare Ball State fans. The offense was expected to struggle a bit (Kelly Page is not going to replace Nate Davis this year, let alone this week) but the defense was really exposed. I thought BSU would be a 7 to 9 win team this year. The team that played last night is not even a six win team.