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Temple: Report Card and Thoughts...

Quarterbacks: (F) It was not just the bad decisions you expect out of a first year starter even on good decisions within a good play call he was off target. This is what I was expecting out of Maynard this year, a great athlete who just needs to take his lumps before taking over a team. If any mistake was made with Maynard it was not getting him more snaps last season.

Running Backs: (D) No fumbles today but only 3.3 a Carry. Nduka looked pretty good seems he is starting to slide himself into the secondary role. Thermilus did his thing but the Temple front seven were just too physical for him to get worn down.

Wide Receivers: (B) Would have been higher if Hamlin(?) Catches that touchdown pass. Really cant fault them too much for the lack of big plays. They were overthrown a few time's, under thrown a few time's, and let out to dry a few times.

Offensive Line: (D) Seemed to do a decent enough job giving Maynard time, but were absent in the running game.

Offensive Coaching: (F) When the run is not there and you are down but 10+ in the second half why are you always running the power dive on first down? Maynard was having a hard enough game, is pinning him into 2nd and 9 the whole 3rd quarter really helping?

Defensive Line: (C-) Five yards per carry and out side of one or two plays they put absolutely no pressure on Vaughn Charlton. This unit continues to under perform and until they play up to their potential teams are going to keep gutting us on the ground.

Line Backers: (C) At times they moved and perused really well to the outside but they were nowhere near reliable. This is another under performing unit.

Defensive Backs: (C+) They got beat once deep, but when you have to put nine in the box to stop the run thats going to happen. On the whole they looked good against the pass but they did not look so good in run support.

Defensive Coaching: (C) Putting 9 in the box on the long pass in the third quarter was a mistake, everyone knew what was coming, they were setting us up the whole game.

Special Teams: (F) Bad returns, bad coverage, and they nearly fumbled away *another* kickoff return. Peter Fardon is very inconsistent this year, minus his 50 yard punt early he was averaging only 30 yards.

Overall (F):

This team has to get it together, and fast. Their *only* focus in the world for CMU should be "don't turn the ball over". I don't care how many yards per carry we get, if we only get 150 yards of offense, I am just done with the turnovers. If the turnovers are gone we will be a better team no matter what we give up to get there. Turner Gill has his work cut out for him getting this team to 6-6 this year, CMU/WMU/BG are all going to be killer games and the way this team played today I don't think anyone but Miami should be considered an underdog from this point on (they had 4 turnovers against Kent today).

For all those who are saying "Temple didn't beat us, we beat ourselves" get over it. Turnovers are a part of the game and Temple managed to be in the right place five times, that's not luck. Today Temple was the better coached team and they were the better executing team. The way UB has looked for three weeks I don't think that's due to the Owls being 'lucky'