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Observations From UTEP

This was supposed to be a game in which a veteran UTEP team took it to a Bulls team that was breaking in a new Quarterback, just lost their best half back of all time, had 3 new offensive linemen, and had to make the trip all the way to El Paso. Saturday night, however, it was UB that looked like the home team. No obvious lapses in judgment by or Quarterback fewer stupid penalties, and a team that maintained their composure the whole game.

While it was not the dominant win UB started out last year a win on the road against a team harboring one of the top 20 quarterbacks in College football is a nice confidence builder for the 209 Bulls.

Maynard: I was very impressed with the composure of Maynard, gill did a great job preparing him for this game. His numbers were nothing stealer, 12 of 19 for 159 yards and one touchdown, but he only made on obvious mistake the whole game when in the fourth he ran us out of field goal range trying to evade pressure. For a true sophomore starting his first game you can't ask anything more than that.

He looked nice running the ball late what Gill has done in transforming the offense over the course of one off season. Now that first game jitters are out of the way I hope to see him do it more than five times a game. I also would have liked to see the Bulls try to stretch the field a little more. Maynard only went deep a couple of times, the kid has a gun and we should be seeing more of it in the weeks ahead.

Thermilus / Henry: Nothing we did not expect to see, they are defiantly going to be a nice set of backs for us, they wont replace Starks but it was nice to watch Henry get the extra yards after barreling into UTEP defenders. Still UB has to get better production on the ground, 3.6 a carry is not going to cut it.

Wideouts: Roosevelt was everything we remember him being, it was nice to see he already has a chemistry with Maynard. Other than one errant pass / broken route in the first half Maynard always seemed to be on the same page as his receivers. Would have been nice to see more of the tight ends.

Offensive Line: Played rather well breaking in three new starters is never easy but Maynard had the time he needed and Thermilus and Henry got some nice holes. A few too many nickle and dime penalties but those will go away with time.

Front Seven: No pressure the whole game, they also gave up huge yards to Buckram (7 ypc). If Price was half the coach Gill was they would have jammed the ball down our throats starting in the 2nd quarter. They were getting held the whole game but they are going to see that all year, especially when we get into conference play.

Defensive Backs: They kept everything in front of them, UTEP has a potent passing offense and they kept Vittatoe under 250 yards for the second year in a row. Until the final drive UTEP never looked comfortable in the passing game..

Special Teams: Place kicking aside it was a nice effort. The coverage on kickoffs and punts was solid and the return game was excellent.