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The MAC Strikes Back? Toledo starts us out

Someone asked me earlier this summer who the best new coach was in the MAC. My opinion, then, was Ron English. Tonight Tim Beckman made a believer out of me. In a game which looks way closer than the score indicated Toledo sent a message in behalf of the MAC to BCS schools.

Colorado's defense was as helpless as any I have ever seen (courtesy of ESPN360). Aaron Opelt passed for 300 yards in the first three quarters, he also ran for more than one hundred. Late in the 4th quarter he led the rockets to a 54-24 lead before Colorado managed two late scores to soften the blow.

Through only two games Opelt now has 742 yards passing, seven touchdown passes, 140 yards rushing with one touchdown. The rockets offense looks unstoppable, though its way to early to know if Phil Steele was right or wrong about CU being a strong program this season.

I'm still not impressed with the Rockets defense, CU had two 50 yard passes called back for minor holds and a couple of drops let them jump out over CU. The Rockets have given up more than 80 points on offense through only two games.

Next week Toledo plays Ohio State in what should be a good test for the rockets offense, Toledo held Akron to 3 points in week one without much effort so Toledo has a chance to set themselves apart. If the rockets can look good against Ohio, at least offensively, they will clearly have to be considered a contender to win the west.