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MAC Power Rankings: Week 4

MAC Power Rankings: Week 4
#1 Central Michigan: This is what people expected from CMU this year, they were dominating in their game against Akron, CMU is sporting a better defense than many have expected which is only tightening their hold on the MAC
#2 Toledo: Congratulations Rocket fans, your team is back. Sure it was FIU an ESPN bottom 10 regular but the whole Toledo body of work this year is really impressive. Next week Toledo has their first conference game against Ball State.
#3 Northern Illinois: How do you spell letdown I D A H O.. How do you look so good against Purdue one week and so bad against Wyoming the next? When the Huskies got serious they made a nice comeback attempt but you cant dig yourself an 18 point fourth quarter hole.
#4 Bowling Green: I'm not going to bump the Falcons for getting destroyed by Boise. Sheehan did a good job moving the ball around to different receivers but a motivated Boise would have been too much for any team.
#5 Ohio: Don't look now but Ohio is playing some of the best football in the MAC East. If Noah Keller stays inbounds thats a different game. Still the bobcats looked good against Tennessee, better than any MAC team has looked against an SEC team for some time this season.
#6 Western Michigan: Wins against FCS teams don't move you up the food chain, but the winner of next weeks game with NIU is going to be seen as one of the top two or three teams in the conference.
#7 Temple: Beating Buffalo would have moved them up a bit but the way Temple manhandled Buffalo once and for all Knocks the Bulls out of the post position in the East. Right now I don't think many people, even among Bulls fans, sees them winning the division. Where as Temple has the inside track.
#8 Akron: This program is in disarray, but all things considered the Zips kept plugging away against a far better team. It's looking like it might be a long year for Akron but they have three winnable games coming up. If they can take two or three of them J.D. might survive the season.
#9 Kent State: The only reason that Kent is ahead of Ball State is because their win was in conference. If you're opponent give you four turnovers you should win by more than ten, just ask temple how its done.
#10 Ball State: I called this game at 45-20 on (25 point spread), so the 54-30 is pretty close to what I was expecting. BSU is starting find themselves four to five wins is very doable. Toledo is going to be the favorite going into next week but I really expect the cards to make them work for it.
#11 Buffalo: How much is UB missing Drew Willy? Last season UB had 14 turnovers, the whole season. This year the Bulls have had 13 in the past three games. Two Maynard Fumbles, and Six Interceptions make up the bulk of that. It would take a small miracle for UB to finish 6-6 this year.
#12 Eastern Michigan: EMU gets to go to Temple where the Owls are 7-2 under Al Golden and where, in the visitors locker room, they just might find some of the Dignity that Buffalo lost this past week. If ever the Eagles wanted to put a big win on this season n ow might be the time to start.
#13 Miami: Four Turnovers, to Kent? Well in all fairness it was Dysert's first game and he did look otherwise decent. I think the RedHawks will start some week over week improvement with a new quarterback. Still with #14 Cincinnati on the docket Miami fans are going to see more blood before the manage a win.