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MAC Power Rankings Week 3

#1 Central Michigan: A nice win, albeit against a weak FCS opponent. When paired with weakness throughout the MAC their back to back wins help the Chips hold their spot. Oddly enough its the defense doing it for the Chips, they are #1 in scoring, and overall defense.
#2 Northern Illinois: Great win at Purdue, and when taken with their performances against Wisconsin and Western Illinois is probably the best three game showing in the MAC so far this season. Brown is, perhaps, the next great NIU running back lifting up the offense above and beyond what was needed to help a rebuilding defense.
#3 Toledo: It's hard to hold the game against OSU against Toledo but there were some definite weaknesses exposed in Cleveland. Opelt is still a beast, one of the top three quarterbacks in the MAC so far this year.
#4 Bowling Green: They still have the most impressive, and meaningful win in the MAC East this year (Rice), and they pushed Missouri to the brink but losing to Marshal, and giving up 250 yards rushing, knocks them out of the top three. They may miss P.J. Mahone a lot when conference play starts up.
#5 Ohio: Ohio is Quietly putting together an impressive season. A close game against UConn, An overtime win against North Texas, and now a solid FCS win. The MAC east is looking rather lean this year and Ohio could take advantage of that.
#6 Western Michigan: Thrashing Miami could be just what the Bronco's needed to get back on track. They are going to get their first real conference test in two weeks against #2 NIU. If they don't have their defense sorted out by them (#11 in the MAC) their season could unravel very quickly.
#7 Buffalo: Buffalo got a pass against Pitt because the Panthers are a top 30 team and because after falling behind early UB stayed with the Panthers punch for Punch. This week four more turnovers, allowing the opposition to get 9/10 third down conversions in the second half and giving away a 10 point lead drop them to #3 in the East.
#8 Akron: Losing Jacquemain is devastating, Akron did a nice job staying tight with Indiana without him but the Zips are now a different team. Rodgers looked terrible in the second half, and Akron is going to have to adjust their play book for him before taking the field against #CMU this week.
#9 Temple: Vaughn Charlton did as well as can be expected against Penn State. Aside from their running game the owls played a far better game than the score indicated. This week against Buffalo will be a good gauge of just what they Owl's are made of this year.
#10 Eastern Michigan: Nice scrappy first half against Michigan. If the Eagles can put together two of those halves anytime soon they are going to win a few games this year. With two weeks off to prepare for Temple EMU might be able to start getting actual victories and not the much derided 'moral victories'.
#11 Ball State: Signs of life from the cardinals against Army this week. For the first time this season their offense seemed moved the ball well in the first half. One too many interceptions and missed field goals were too much to overcome. Stan Parrish has to make up his mind at QB, Justice looked good but Page is the future of that program.
#12 Kent State: Coming into this season Kent was very thin on offensive weapons, with Eugen Jarvis gone Kent is basically devoid of them. Despite a nice performance at quarterback by Spencer Keith the lack of a running game kept Kent from taking advantage of the 4 takeaways they managed.
#13 Miami: Finally MU has put some points up this year, They looked decent in the second half and maybe the RedHawks are turning a corner. Next week provides the all season Pillow fight between Miami and Kent.