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MAC Power Rankings Week 2

#1 Central Michigan: The Chips reclaim their #1 spot with an impressive come from behind victory over Michigan State. The call to go for two, and the win, rather than one with under a minute left was gutsy. I'm glad it did not burn them.
#2 Bowling Green: A weak fourth quarter against #25 Missouri drops the Falcons from the Number one spot. They played well through 44 minutes, but three touchdowns in the final 16 minutes of the game cost them the win.
#3 Northern Illinois: While it was just a victory over a FCS school WIU has a good all time record against the huskies. Their good showing in week one combined with this weeks performance shows the Huskies have weathered the loss of Larry English pretty well.
#4 Toledo: The rockets offense is scary! Their defense, not so much. Opelt is a beast and unless someone, anyone, can figure out how to slow him down Toledo looks to be one of the better teams in the conference.
#5 Buffalo: With the exception of handing the ball over early and often to the Panthers, UB played a great game. Maynard passed for more than 400 yards on one of the top 30 defenses in the nation. Still Buffalo has not taken the ball away yet and has a -4 turnover margin, not good news for a team that thrived on them in 2008.
#6 Ohio: Going for two in OT when you don't have to takes guts, coming back against North Texas helps hold their spot. When Boo Jackson went down Theo Scott came in and showed why he won the job in 2008 before being injured.
#7 Akron: As expected Akron had no trouble dispatching Morgan State so we can say with some assurance they are ranked somewhere between the top ten of FBS teams and the bottom half of FCS teams. Next week they will get a shot at IU.
#8 Western Michigan: Well WMU's Big 10 hunting expedition has yet to bring a win. The Way MU looked against the Irish last weeks loss does not hurt as much but the loss to IU team that had to scratch and claw against Eastern Kentucky drops them into the bottom half.
#9 Eastern Michigan: This is more what we were expecting from the Eagles this year, EMU put a good scare into NorthWestern. If this team showed up last week for Army they would be 1-1 instead of 0-2
#10 Temple:Temple had the week off. Their week one foe Villenova made short work of Lehigh, and their week three foe, Penn State, trashed Syracuse.
#11 Kent State: This is why you don't count a shut out against an FCS bottom feeder. Nothing Boston College did was slowed by Kent. This week the Flashes were 2:15 away from being the victims of a shutout.
#12 Ball State: I thought they might have trouble with UNH but nothing could prepare people for just how bad Ball States offense played. The Cardinals only managed 127 yards ( only 13 on the ground) and turned the ball over three times. Its not Their Coach or QB that they are missing, its their offensive line.
#13 Miami: I was tempted to drop Ball State to 13 but then Miami went and laid a goose egg for the second week in a row. Perhaps its unfair to judge the RedHawks too harshly they have played two solid programs.