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MAC Power Rankings, Week 1

#1 Bowling Green: An impressive win after falling behind. The Falcons held it together and ended up thoroughly defeating Rice. Their only shortcoming might have been the running game. They are the only team in the MAC that looked to be clearly the best on the field (against a 1A team) this week.
#2 Central Michigan: The Chips fall to #2, Arizona is a good team and the19-6 score was not completely embarrassing even if the yardage difference was. The chips always seem to lose their openers against BCS teams yet play well in conference, they still should be the favorite in the MAC
#3 Buffalo: Buffalo was very fortunate to escape from El Paso with a win. Maynard looked solid, no big first day mistakes. The running game showed promise even with only tentative use of Maynard. A lack of defensive pressure by the UB front seven needs to trun around soon.
#4 Northern Illinois: They gave the Badgers a game, with last years defense they may win this game. Harnish was very impressive, he seems to be more careful with the ball than he had been in the past. Defiantly one of the better MAC showings this week.
#5 Western Michigan: To be fair MU may be much better then everyone expected them to be. The Bronco's certainly made them look like they are back to form. I'm inclined to give WMU the benefit of the doubt but 30-7 has to drop them to middle of the pack until they get a shot at Indiana.
#6 Ohio: Not a bad showing against the Huskies, three picks kept them in the game. But Scott Turning over the ball at the six kept Ohio from drawing first blood, changing the course of the game. Other than the first quarter problems QB by committee seems to work for Ohio
#7 Akron: Hard to fault the Zips for playing the #9 team in the nation and looking terrible. No team in the MAC would have walked away form that game without a bloody nose. Next week is not going to give much better of a picture, they play 1AA Morgan state.
#8 Toledo: Once they got going their offense looked good, dropping 31 points on Purdue in three quarters of work bodes well for the rest of the season. The Rockets need to be concerned about their defense. Other than two pics in the 4th Purdue had their way with Akron all night.
#9 Ball State: Well we know how much BSU is going to miss their OL. But what was really painful was how their Defense handled the hurry up. BSU is going to need their D to provide more punch while Page develops.
#10 Temple:They lost to a I-AA school. No matter how good Villanova is and no matter how much Temple outplayed them losing the first ever 'Mayors Cup' to a FCS team has to warm up Al Golden's seat a bit.
#11 Kent State: Its hard to climb them up much higher but they did look good against Carolina. Once they put aside offensive experimentation in the first half they moved the ball well and pitched a shutout.
#12 Eastern Michigan: I really thought the Eagles were going to take it to Army. Schmitt putting up 2 pics to 1 touchdown and so few yards was a real disappointment for Ron Englishes first game. Numbers wise, outside the interceptions, the game played out the same as last season.
#13 Miami: Just an embarrassing showing for the RedHawks. A loss would have been forgivable, giving up 30+ points might have been ok but the two, coupled with an offense that gets less than 200 yards and fails to put any points up... yeesh.