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Around the MAC: week 3

I had a great morning today, after freebasing coffee before the sun was up the kids and I had the house clean before 10am. Its always a great way to make your wife happy, if you can have your spouse wake up to a house devoid of work at least one day a week, the other six will go smoothly.

So with my wife contented, and the kids playing in a couch cushion fort I could sit down at 11 to start watching the Ohio/Toledo game on ESPN360 without much interruption. I also tried to follow the BSU game via game cast and

Ohio 'at' Toldeo

Toledo looked Awful, not just MAC versus Big 10 bad. I was expecting there it to be a 40-20 type game but the Rockets throwing up a goose egg, and 13 rushing yards has to mute some of the optimism in the rockets camp. Opelt looked good, his numbers look bad but given the fact his receivers were under a blanket and he was never really given time or space to work 22/45 for 200 yards is pretty respectable.

BSU at Army

Coach Parrish needs to either accept that a rookie like Kelly Page, behind a rebuilding offensive line, will struggle or he needs to try to salvage a down year with Tanner Justice. Either decision is acceptable for a new head coach trying to rebuild a team. Whats not acceptable is QB by committee behind a weak offensive line in one of your more winnable games. If Tanner Justice plays 60 minutes against Army you win. If Kelly Page plays you may lose, you might win, but either way Page will grow behind confidence you have shown him.


I know coach English is sick of 'Moral victories' but that was a scrappy first half for the Eagles against a far superior program. The Eagles looked better against the Wolverines than WMU did, another moral victory.

Temple at PSU

Temple Football Forever hit the nail on the head, without the play making ability of DiMichele the Owl's might struggle in a big way(via black shoe diaries). At least Temple only turned the ball over once and they put up 250 passing on Penn State.

NIU at Purdue (summary on red and black attack)

The Huskies were the lone bright spot this morning for the MAC, they put Purdue in a huge hole early and held them off late. You have to love a coach calling a fake punt with less than a minute to go, a gutsy call and a nice win for the huskies.