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Bull Run Interviews a famous Owl fan

Its a rare honor to interview a web celebrity but I have, today, the O RLY? Owl. Unsurprisingly he is a Temple fan so I thought I would get his thoughts on the game.

So ORLY, You have been around for at least six years, why is it only now we are hearing that you're a Temple Owls Fan.

Actually I have been a temple fan for decades, well before my rise to fame. But have you seen Temple football for the past 15 years? would you admit to supporting that? The Red Bull, He was a UB fan for years but up until Turner Gill came to town he kept his UB Sweatshirt hidden under his bed, why don't you go ride him about jumping on the bandwagon. Hell I would still be in the closet but Bill Cosby outed me because I said his pudding was crap

Ok, so would you qualify yourself as a band wagon fan,

Don't go there, I bleed Cherry and white (lord I wish we had better colors). I may have been quite about it but I have always been an Owls fan. In the early nineties I stuck with the team for a long while, but year after year watching the most futile football program in college history got old around the time the Republicans dusted off Bob Dole and tried to pass him off as a legit challenge to Bill Clinton.

All right, so with your Temple fan pedigree proved what do you think of the job Al Golden has done for TUFB?

Why even ask that, the guy is 0-3 against Buffalo, he has not beat a team with a winning record, and he cost us more than any coach in the conference. I was psyched when he came on board, the guy had a Penn State pedigree, and he talked a great game. When Al Golden said "I will build a house of brick, not straw" a Chris Matthews size tingle went up my leg. Then Buffalo came in and crapped all over his MAC Debut by beating us in overtime, Then the next season UB made us look like a high school team. I think I finally lost it when Nova beat us.

I think you're being a little hard on him, he has improved attendance and his recruiting classes are among the best in the conference. You're not seriously that put out are you?

Recruiting classes really? Sure he is doing better than Temple Used to do but he is in Pennsylvania, it rains football recruits here, and Philly is straight down stream from PSU. Hell the number of two stars with Joe Pa's footprint on their rear in temples locker room boggles the mind. Temple could save a fortune in recruiting by just setting up an office up in College station and keep a mindful eye out for disappointed players leaving campus. I don't care if he has the best recruits in the nation, let alone the MAC, he cant win it on the field.

Are you heading to the game?

I'll be there. I have season tickets, I got suckered into the 'this is the year crap' coming from some of the college sports publications. After week one I cant give these things away. I'm going to skip the Temple tailgate and head over to the UB fans. Right now an Owls tailgate has the feel of an Irish Wake, you're all there to morn yet pretend that its fun and I just don't have the stomach for it.

Well I won't be there but a lot of the guys from are making the trip from NY, I am sure they would love to play dizzy bat with you. One last thing, Temple comes into this game as a 2.5 point favorite, what do you think of that spread?

I put so much money on Buffalo that I can Buy Nova tickets and go watch some real football in Philadelphia this season. Or maybe I'll move to Texas, I hear Rice is having a decent year.

I suppose we are done here take care of yourself and have fun on Saturday.