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UB's offense dissapoints

The Buffalo News (Rodney McKissic) critiques the performance of UB in their most recent scrimmage, Turner Gill who is never one to pull punches said the offense was "Slightly Disappointing". On the plus side was that the fall off from the first scrimmage seems more do to focus than talent.
"It was not a good night offensively, It was everybody, not just the quarterback. I didn't like the intensity, I didn't like the execution really from the whole offensive group." -- Turner Gill
James Starks sat out to recover from normal training cam wear and tear, Devonte Shannon sat out with an injured hamstring.

So maybe it was just an off day or maybe the defense we have all been expecting showed up in force this past Saturday. Steve Means recorded a sack and is quickly starting to get allot of attention as a potential force on the front line for UB.

Last season the Bulls were terrible in the opposing backfields something they were able to get away with, usually because of the talent in the defensive backfield, but also because the offense was so steady. If the offense fall off this year, even a little, UB's front seven will not have the same breathing room they were afforded last season. It will be nice to see what guys like Means and Willis bring to the defense this year but it would be better to see them be able to pin their ears back knowing that Maynard can get the points the team needs.