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MAC Preseason Power Rankings

#1 Central Michigan: Everyone has CMU Pegged to win the conference this year, they are the best team heading into the MAC season. They better make the most of it, a QB like LeFevour does not come along often.
#2 Western Michigan: WMU has the best shot of knocking off CMU, Hiller has the ability to keep his team in a game. The October 17th match up with CMU could be billed as the Title Game. (then again that is what folks said about CMU / BSU last season
#3 Buffalo: Starks going down for the year hurts immensely for new spread option offense. Thermilus is a solid back but is not the same threat out of the backfield, or lined up in the slot that starks is.
#4 Temple: This could be the Owl's year, besides having a favorable schedule which swaps the Falcons of the East for the Eagles of the west, they have Buffalo at home. They have been steadily improving under Al Golden but will have to do without Adam DiMichele.
#5 Ball State: If Kelly Page is as good as advertised the Cards may well see another bowl this year, there are going to be growing pains on the offensive line but they should have a solid enough running game with Lewis to give their first year starter some breathing room.
#6 Northern Illinois: I think the falloff on defense is going to be far more than anyone, in DeKalb, expects. Perhaps Chandler Harnish will take better care of the ball this year, if he does not this could be a long season.
#7 Bowling Green: Defiantly in the running for the MAC East, playing Away at Buffalo does not help but they do get out of Playing Temple. They need to get their offensive comfortable with the new system and play more consistent D in the 4th quarter.
#8 Ohio: Ohio is pegged by many to be a sleeper in the east, if they take care of the ball they can give many teams fits.Away Games at Buffalo and Bowling Green are not going to help them, nor is their west draw (BSU / NIU).
#9 Akron: The Zips had control of their own destiny until late in the season until a 4OT game against Buffalo, they never recovered. Expect a lot energy this year the thin quiet crowds at the Rubber bowl are out and loud, packed games on campus are in.
#10 Toledo: I like Coach Beckman, he seems to be a good fit for the program (which is something to say for a Former BG coach) but I think the rockets are going to need a year, or two, to regain their place in the MAC.
#11 Miami: Ditto. Haywood will do wonders for Miami, he is a great recruiter with a knack for finding/developing offensive skill players. Miami will be back, just not this year.
#12 Kent State: Kent State: Kent may surprise a team here or there but overall they will continue to coast.
#13 Eastern Michigan: Best coaching move in the MAC last season. Ron English has already started whipping his team into shape, and reestablishing his Michigan recruiting connections. In a few years the Eagles may be a program to contend with for now they just don't have the pieces.