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James Stark's will miss all of 2009

Update:Well Chalk one up for the Rumor Weed, looks like Starks is done and as a 5th year senior he will not be eligible for 2010.

"The doctors did an MRI that revealed James had a labral tear that required surgery," said head coach Turner Gill. "He tried rehab and practices but it was too painful for him to play. Therefore he will have the surgery now and miss the season. It will be a 4-6 month recovery period. Doctors have told me that they anticipatehe will make a complete recovery and I believe he will have an opportunity to play at the next level.

As bad as this is for UB fans it has to absolutely crushing news for Starks who has often fought through pain and injury to do amazing things at UB.

3,140 yards (UB Record Holder)
34 rushing touchdowns (UB Record Holder)
222 Career Points (UB Record Holder)
3,830 All Purpose yards (5th All time)

He was projected by many to be better than a fourth round pick this year provided he played well. Thankfully he will be fully recovered by the Time NFL combines come around so he will have his chance to show scouts that he is fully recovered.

* * *

With Starks out Brandon Thermilus will be the starter, Thermilus made the most of Mario Henry's injury last season to establish himself as #2 halfback on UB's championship team. His best game last year came against UTEP where he rolled off 102 yards and two touchdowns. He does not have the speed that Starks provided but he more than makes up for that with Power, averaging 4.5 yard a carry last season. He also backed that up with an impressive seven touchdowns:

Year Carries Yards Average Long TD
2007 23 85 3.7 14 3
2008 100 454 4.5 39 7

What UB is going to lose will be the long runs starks could rip off. Mario Henry has good speed, probably even faster than Starks, but James Starks combined that speed with impressive power. Brandon Themilus brings more of a power game, he is able to deliver punishment to the opposing defense and seems to get better as games go on.


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