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50 Greatest Huskies of All Time


WTNH's new site SportzEdge.com recently counted down the 50 Greatest UConn men's basketball players of all time.

UMD to B1G in One FanShot


Welp, there goes the party. Looks like we'll be adding UConn, and ACC football will keep getting sadder. UPDATE 4:58PM: I called it. The ACC is looking at Big East teams to replace Maryland.

Big East Conference Membership Announcement


The Big East will hold a live teleconference at 5:00 PM Eastern to announce that Houston, Southern Methodist, Central Florida, San Diego State, and Boise State will join the Big East Conference for 2013. Click the above link to be transported to hear Commissioner John Marinatto to announce it live.

Notre Dame tapped as preseason Big East favorite, UConn second


Notre Dame, who knocked UConn out of the 2011 NCAA tournament semifinals, got the nod from the league's coaches in a vote separated by three points. This is just the second time in since 1992-93 that the Huskies were not picked to win the conference title. Notre Dame's Skylar Diggins headlined the individual awards as preseason player of the year. 1. Notre Dame (9) 219 2. Connecticut (7) 216 3. Louisville 191 4. Rutgers 176 5. Georgetown 175 6. DePaul 152 7. St. John’s 145 8. Syracuse 123 9. West Virginia 108 10. USF 96 11. Marquette 92 12. Pittsburgh 82 13. Villanova 54 14. Providence 51 15. Cincinnati 38 16. Seton Hall 22

Get to Know Your UConn Huskies Like Never Before


It's a complaint heard often about not knowing enough behind the young ladies of the UConn Women's Basketball Team. UConn like always has listened. Click on the link for particulars about your favorite players like favorite food and celebrity to why they chose the Huskies. You can also find pictures of community service efforts and things you don't always get to see off the court.For those history buffs you can also find the history of UConn Women's Basketball and UConn in the WNBA. The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, in partnership with Row27, has launched UConnWBB.com, an interactive microsite that tells the story of UConn women’s basketball. UConnWBB.com is heavily photo and video driven and is another avenue by which fans can follow the program. Fans should still visit UConnHuskies.com to get the latest information on the team.

UConn Men's Soccer Is Rolling


I don't know if you guys have been paying much attention, but UConn soccer is killing it right now. They're widely considered one of the top teams in the country and, last I checked, they're undefeated. Figured it might be something you guys wanted to take a look at, being the UConn blog.

Rate The Huskies


Rate your fellow UConn classmates or submit a picture of yourself to join the action. How do you stack up?

Kemba Walker: UConn Star Reads First Book

University of Conneticut star guard Kemba Walker didn’t surprise anyone when he announced that he would forgo his senior year with the Huskies and enter into the 2011 NBA draft. He did, however, shock people when he admitted that just weeks ago -- at age 20 -- he finished reading a book for the first time ever. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Walker says he went through high school and college without reading an entire book cover-to-cover. What’s even more surprising is the fact that Walker is actually graduating with a degree from UConn a year early. LINK: The Root LINK: Sports Illustrated

Bullpen Banter Game Report: Pitt @ UConn (03-25-11)


Got to see Pitt @ UConn last weekend. Here are my observations and some pics and video.

Why Kemba Walker Moves Like Nobody Else

Kemba Walker wasn't any older than four when he started walking himself into the laundromat on University Avenue in the Bronx, the one that always spilled out reggae music in the summertime. He'd go up to the first person he spied, tap their hip and then, as soon as their attention turned his way, he'd bust out dancing. Walker's mother Andrea laughingly remembers how people used to give him money. Much has been written about how Walker, Connecticut's star point guard, forged his game on the courts of New York City. But what hasn't been discussed is how the city—and in particular the music of the Bronx—is embedded in the way he plays. Walker's father, Kenya, says the skills his son has used to get to Saturday's NCAA tournament Final Four—the feet that can take him anywhere on the court in a flash, the body that nimbly contorts through a tangle of limbs, the devastating timing, even his megawatt smile, have a common origin. "That's where it all comes from," Kenya Walker says. "The dancing."
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