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BREAKING: Someone Taught Jarmo How To Use A Phone


And he's using it to dial numbers. Blue Jackets @ Ducks

Lisa Simpson giving head in Olympics logo?


Doh! Someone took the 2012 Olympics logo, added a splash of color, and voila! You clearly see Lisa Simpson giving someone a blowjob. The logo (after the jump), like most Olympics logos, was crappy...

Ducks Gameday: AA Center is a Crap Hole


Ducks @ Stars, avoid AAC at all costs, and Rev. Lovejoy.

The Pregame Meal: UMass 2012 - For The Powder Horn


The battle of Amherst: The Buffalo Bulls of Amherst against the Massachusetts Minutemen of Amherst.

Earl's Top 10: Single-Panel Tribute Cartoons


On his way towards blogger retirement, Earl Sleek counts down his ten favorite tribute Sleektoons -- ones in which he's copying somebody's drawing style who is more famous than he is.


Hamsterdam is Knee-Deep in Simpsons Trivia

[EDIT: Night two of Simpsons Trivia exposing your stunning lack of memory skills] In homage to Ross posting Pat Harty's quiz on Iowa sports history, how about we test our mettle in a Simpsons...

The Fanbases Of The Big East As Simpsons Characters | The UConn Blog


Andrew Porter figured out which character fits each school's fanbase perfectly. I'm not going to spoil who he picked for Marquette fans, but I will tell you that I changed the masthead of the blog as a result of it.


Hamsterdam Has Pity For Moe Sizlack

I'm really hoping The Simpsons remains as timeless as I think it will, I want to enjoy Moe Sizlack for a long time. This is still one of my favorite TV moments ever. If we had DVR back then, I...

ASU is good for something: Simpsons jokes!


ASU is a nice punching bag for American's most famous family.

Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Features Full House As 49ers Fans, 90210 As Raiders Fans


The best commercial of Super Bowl XLV features football fans from all the TV shows. Jesse and Joey from Full House were San Francisco 49ers fans, and Brenda, Donna, Kelly, and Andrea from Beverly...

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