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Ohio State's Braxton Miller named to the Davey O'Brien Award watch list


Ohio State quarterback is expected to be a challenger for for many awards this year. The Davey O'Brien award is given to the Nations Top QB each year. The junior who put up over 3,300 total yards last season will be the anchor of what should be a very explosive offense this year in Columbus. The last winner from Ohio State was Troy Smith he also won the Heisman that year.

Baseball Bows Out Of B1G Tourney After Two Games


After faltering late against host Ohio State on Wednesday, Penn State lost their first game in the losers bracket on Thursday, getting hammered by Nebraska 12-2 and was eliminated from the Big Ten tournament.

Ohio State Receives NCAA Verdict Today


"Ohio State will find out its NCAA fate later today. Athletic director Gene Smith confirmed to The Associated Press early Tuesday that the NCAA's committee on infractions would hand down its final sanctions of the Ohio State athletic program at 3 p.m. EST."

Chad Morris No Longer An Offensive Coordinator Candidate


It's official. Chad Morris, despite overtures from Urban Meyer and Ohio State, is no longer a candidate for the offensive coordinator job. Morris signed an incredible contract with Clemson, worth $1.3 million annually for six years. According to The Post and Courier, it's a record for an ACC assistant coach. After only one season at Clemson, Morris cashed in, and it's at least partially due to Urban Meyer. If Meyer is not hired as Ohio State's head coach, and does not have Ohio State's pocketbook to make overtures with, Morris is probably a lot cheaper for Clemson to retain. The hunt for Greg Studrawa now takes on greater importance.

Penn State-Ohio State Kickoff At 3:30, ABC/ESPN Mirror, OSU Favored By 7


Only 3:30 game in the Big Ten this week. Wisconsin has what a couple of weeks ago sounded like a trap game but goes to bed tonight 14-point road favorites.

2011 Season Preview: The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Unprojectables


Bill Connelly's Ohio State preview is up at the SB Nation College homepage, and here's a snippet: What do we know about the Ohio State Buckeyes at this point, just over a week (!!!) from the beginning of the college football season? They have a deep backfield that will become deeper when Boom Herron returns from suspension. They have a deep offensive line that will become deeper when Mike Adams returns from suspension. They have recruited circles around the rest of the Big Ten. They have two potentially outstanding defensive ends and an outstanding young batch of linemen. They have a host of former blue-chip options at linebacker. Barring an explosion in self-inflicted interceptions, they may have a rather maintainable turnover margin. They have played at a level higher than that of both Oklahoma and Alabama over the last four full years..

Ohio State Reportedly Receives Letter of Inquiry From NCAA


According to ESPN's sources, Ohio State received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA recently informing the school that it's still under NCAA investigation. The NCAA has cleared Ohio State from the allegations in the S.I. report, but they have not yet commented on the reported Pryor-Talbot connection. It is likely that the ongoing NCAA investigation centers around this topic. There is nothing substantial to discuss unless the NCAA serves another Notice of Allegations, at which time potential violations would become known. At the least, this is not good news for Ohio State, and it could turn into very bad news should the NCAA find proof of further violations. Update: Ohio State spokesperson Jim Lynch responded to the report, stating, "The university has not received any additional allegations from the NCAA. We do not anticipate discussing any additional allegations with the Committee on Infractions on Friday." Second Update: Ohio State has officially denied the report. Ohio State says they did receive a letter, but it only referred to procedural matters for the hearing on Friday and did not indicate that another NCAA investigation was taking place.

Ohio State Responds to ESPN


The official court documents containing Ohio State's response to ESPN's lawsuit. Ohio State provided some of the requested information to ESPN, but still denied them access to other documents which fall under a "broad request" label.

A Call for the Return of the Death Penalty in College Sports


NCAA football is at a crossroads. While the sport is seeing record revenues thanks to giant television contracts and merchandise sales, there is also a cancer that is permeating what is rapidly becoming America's pastime.

Pryor Banned From Associating With OSU


For five years, Pryor is banned from official association with Ohio State for not cooperating with NCAA and Ohio State investigators after leaving school. This is nothing but a protection move by Ohio State, and it actually helps Pryor by strengthening his care for early entry into the NFL Draft.

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