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Fans without borders

The New York Times' map of fandom says the Mets have no home. Does it reflect the real landscape of baseball?

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Answer to the rumors, Marty


Addressing the trade request situation wth an admission or a denial is better for all parties and the fans than avoiding the situation.

New York Times hosts panel discussion on LGBT sports


Report by New York Times employee Hedley Lagrand. On Monday, the New York Times GLBT Network and Allies hosted a lively panel on GLBT topics in the world of sports.  The panel was moderated by New...

Rob Gronkowski has huge...hands


Rob Gronkowski I woke up this morning to an...inspiring piece in the New York Times about the size of New England tight end Rob...

Moment #6: Corey Johnson's story is told by Bay Windows and the New York Times


Johnson with his family in 2000, and with his mom and safe schools advocate in 2009. Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important...

Rick Welts, Phoenix Suns president and CEO, comes out as gay


It was 10 years ago that I first met Rick Welts. He had been a high-powered executive at the NBA and I asked him why, at the time, he didn't come out. I remember him not being a big fan of the...

SBNation Basketball Blog in the NYT

Posting & Toasting — or P&T, as it’s called — is one of 30 loosely affiliated fan-run basketball communities, a small part of the 312-blog hydra that is SBNation, an online sports network that claims 20 million hits a month. SBNation’s basketball blogs all have different moods: the Nets blog is generally angry; the Lakers blog is stubbornly triumphalist; the Heat blog is weirdly deserted and unloved — and P&T is mordant, intermittently hilarious and a little absurd. Posters & Toasters noticed long ago that Knicks point guard Raymond Felton resembles a duck or a penguin, and recent injuries to Felton’s hands have inspired hundreds of heartfelt posts from fans worried about his "flippers" and the delicate webbing between his toes. Joe Flynn, who provides game previews and analysis from a desk somewhere in China, begins his posts by supplying the Mandarin names for Knicks opponents. Fans who have noted the distressing tendency of Knicks management to understate the severity of players’ injuries have taken to reinterpreting the scant medical data the team releases. When Carmelo Anthony missed two games with a hyperextended knee, panicked Posters & Toasters concluded, after some debate, that the star forward’s leg had fallen off.

My Response To The NYT Hatchet Job on Coach Kill


I tear into the poorly written article that paints Coach Kill as an abusive bully. Oh, and the rest of the Nugz are here too.

NY Times: The Success of the Hong Kong JC

A look at a recent article in the New York Times on the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Groundhog Day for Hall of Fame Hypocrisy


Mike Piazza might be kept out of the Hall of Fame because some baseball writers suspect he used PEDs--the same writers who had plenty of chances to denounce the Steroid Era when it happened.

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