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Top 6 Reasons Mark Sanchez is Better than Tim Tebow (and always will be)

So here's a little listy thing I wrote up. I think it's pretty fun.

Mike Smith returning to the Jets

WV Illustrated is reporting that newly hired defensive coach, Mike Smith is leaving the team to return to the New York Jets. This is certainly a setback. But it could come at a worse time. Like yesterday or the day before. No timetable is in place to complete the defensive staff.

Tim Tebow and a Stout Broncos Defense whip NY Jets

Former Bronco and Broadcaster Reggie Rivers drops by the set of Bronco Planet to discuss the Drive II and how he is starting to drink the "Tebow Kool-aid" We also review Tim Tebow stats the first 8 games of his career compared to John Elway, Mike McCoy play calling, Tebow in the 4th quarter, and the vastly improved Denver defense led by Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller. Tebow is 4-1 since replacing the 1-4 Kyle Orton. Broncos now have real shot at AFC West Champions.

Brandon Marshall seeks ejection

Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall says he has been playing with his emotions in check and plans to show more passion Monday night against the New York Jets, with a goal of getting kicked out of the game in the second quarter. When asked if he was joking, Marshall said no. "I'm not joking. I'm serious," Marshall told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "They're going to fine me. It's probably going to be like a $50,000 fine. But that quarter and a half that I'm out there, I'm going to play like a monster.

Revis Island Back on the Map

Revis finally ends his holdout and signs a new contract with the Jets. Check out why this was a necessary move for the Jets in order to make a deep run into the playoffs!

Cruzin' Towards T.O.

Somebody call the cops! The Monday Night Football game was hijacked and taken over! We are now on the look out for a 6 foot man, weighing about 200 pounds and going by the name of Victor Cruz.

The NFL's scariest secondary?

We're certainly not a team desperate for cornerbacks at this point in time and I'm willing to admit that there's all of 0% chance of it happening... But what if the Jets decide to trade Darrelle Revis because he won't lower his apparently outrageous demands? It's always fun to imagine what could be, though. Terence Newman, Darrelle Revis, and Mike Jenkins as the top three corners on our team? Yes please. Edit: NFL Network's take.

Lance Laury to the Jets

Even Lance Laury agrees that Mark Sanchez is really the greatest QB to ever live, and has joined the regime.

New York Jets to Release Thomas Jones

....I think the Patriots just found their new running back.

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