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Broncos meeting with RB prospect Le'Veon Bell


The Broncos have set up a private meeting with draft prospect running back Le'Veon Bell. They have also had dinner with Louisiana Tech receiver Quinton Patton.


Herm Edwards: NFL ready for gay athlete

Former NFL player and coach says he would have supported a gay player on any of his teams

Tim Tebow to speak at anti-gay megachurch in Dallas


Tim Tebow He may have been a bust with the New York Jets, but that isn't stopping Tim Tebow from praising God and rubbing elbows with...

Rex Ryan's wife 'Tebows' wearing Mark Sanchez jersey in coach's tattoo


There's a reason you don't get tattoos of people you're dating: The ink doesn't wash away in the shower. It's permanent. Now the media has been guffawing over the revelation that New York Jets...

New York Jets fan Fireman Ed calls it quits after harassment from his own fans


Among the many rationalizations we hear as to why athletes don't (or shouldn't) come out is the idea that opposing fans will heckle them or call them gay slurs. One of my favorite responses to that...

Outsports exclusive: Kris Jenkins talks more about gay equality and out NFL players


Kris Jenkins Last Thursday former New York Jet and Carolina Panther Kris Jenkins spent several minutes talking about gays in the NFL on CBS...

Former NFL player Matt Willig on marriage, Catholicism & a gay teammate


Matt Willig appears in the NOH8 campaign Matt Willig wasn’t like the other folks roaming around the NOH8 campaign studio on a warm afternoon...

An excited Tim Tebow is excited to be part of the exciting New York Jets


Tebow at his Jets press conference (Photo: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE) And excited Tim Tebow says he is excited to be part of the exciting...

Tebow playing in New York: We'll see if religion and sports do mix


The biggest beneficiaries of the Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets are the media, specifically the tabloids. In the two days since the trade, the New York Post has used "God him," "Halo, New...

NFL love: Mark Sanchez asked Santonio Holmes to be his Valentine


Mark Sanchez How cute -- in the aftermath of a dysfunctional 2011 season that saw the New York Jets fight more with each other than on the...

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