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Kent State women's rugby welcomes lesbians


Imagine coming out to your college rugby team and being met with: "Oh that's cool. Pass the salt." That's what lesbians coming out on the Kent State rugby have experienced as  more and more of them...

The Pregame Meal UConn 2012: Carbs make you Husky.


The Pregame Meal is in Storrs, Connecticut. I am not sure where that is, but I am sure I'd rather be in Boston or New York. The goal of the pregame meal is to Hydrate, Nutritionate, and Player...

The Pregame Meal: Kent State 2012


Kent at Buffalo: The Pregame meal. The pregame meal Hydrates, Nutritionates, and Player Hates. It is your bulletin board's bulletin board material. The Pregame meal also delivers 11 factors that...

The Return of #MACtion


Kent State and Buffalo battle in the Queen City tonight in the first 2012 #MACtion game of the year. Black Shoe Diaries reviews its stranglehold on the college football world.

99 for 99 - #37 - UB's First Nationally Televised Game

Buffalo Football 99 for 99 - #37 - UB's First Nationally Televised Game. Tomorrow Buffalo faces Kent State on ESPNU, 48 years ago to the day, the Bulls played on national television for the first...

6/4 Sundry: Saturday Sporting Grab Bag


It's June, which means we have less than three months until football. 8-4 never sounded so good. Our interns decided to show up to work for the first time in a few weeks and spent all Friday...

Game number 9!


First, a couple of quick announcements.... -No third video this week. I had to make a choice last night on what to do with my evening. I chose playing board games with my daughter (and my friend...

"Are we 11-0 already?", updated.....


Three weeks ago, I asked the question "Are we 11-0 already?". At the time, we were actually 5-0, but were facing a string of 6 consecutive weak opponents. I took criticism and praise for...

Are we 11-0 already???


I said it in my last post, but now I'd like to discuss it....can we consider ourselves 11-0 right now? At the beginning of the season, I marked down three games as our most difficult of the...

Tomorrow's game


It's the night before a game. Guess what I am having trouble with??? Yep. I can't sleep. Oh, well. It's a night game. I'll sleep during the Akron/Kent State game....just like all the fans of...

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