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Vandy Fans Are Glad We Won


They think that, if we'd lost, Mark Richt would have been fired, and we'd have hired James Franklin away from the Commodores. That is pure delusion. Go 'Dawgs!

Ole Miss Fans Make Georgia Fans Appear Positively Upbeat


We may have to have one another on suicide watch in the Grove next weekend. Go 'Dawgs!

Pat Knight ousted at Texas Tech


On the hot seat no more. According to ESPN, Pat Knight has been fired by Texas Tech and will step down following the conclusion of the Big 12 Tournament.

Remember that the other team has problems, too


The Gators have lost three in a row and have come up short in four of their last six games against SEC opposition. Florida fans want their offensive coordinator replaced. At least it's not just us, right? Go 'Dawgs!

Some outside perspective on the "hot seat" talk


While Sean Keeley indicates that Mark Richt currently occupies the SEC's warmest chair, he does not sit atop one of the nation's five hottest seats, and Keeley notes parenthetically that the jeopardy in which Coach Richt finds himself owes quite a bit to SEC fans' impatience. That's just food for thought. Go 'Dawgs!

Kit Kitchens Podcast Available for Your Listening Pleasure


At this point, I think it's safe to say that matters have evolved in such a way that I'm going to make regular appearances on Kit's podcast, because, frankly, it's fun talking Georgia football with him. Honestly, the fact that he records the conversation so the rest of you can hear it is just gravy from where I sit. If Kit just called me up at the first of every week and said, "Hey, Kyle, I was wondering if you'd like to chat about last Saturday's game for a few minutes," I'd be cool with that, and we'd have pretty much the same conversation. Really, when you think about it, you people are eavesdropping on Kit's and my conversation, but it's all right as long as you don't call the Saturday Evening Post. Give it a listen. Go 'Dawgs!

Mike Price hopes the winning returns at UTEP | al.com


Our old friend Steve Irvine of the Birmingham News has a nice Sunday feature on Mike Price. He was kind enough to ask the Rush for some thoughts on Price- primarily if we as Miner fans think Mike Price is on the hot seat. Irvine has some nice quotes from Price, including this one; "I want to retire on a winning note." Will this be Price's last year at UTEP or in college football as a whole? More on that this week as full posting resumes.

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