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White on the Dukes


For a bit over a week UB fans have been able to chew on how they feel about the fact Buffalo picked up a second FCS game. In that time I've had the chance to consider the following. 1 - It Happens ...

Baseball Home Games should be at Coca Cola Field!


Last year when Danny White announced that the Bulls football team would be playing their Black Friday game at Ralph Wilson Stadium I threw this piece up: Since we're talking Professional Sports...

What about the kids.


With the possibility that Jeff Quinn could be leaving Buffalo for Notre Dame, I am asking about the kids. What about the kids? How does Quinn leaving affect recruiting.

UB Hires Olympic Coach Sunahara to Lead Volleyball


The second hire in two days for Danny White is a big one.

The Extension


Recruiting Mirage? Rookie AD Mistake? Hypnotic Staff form Aladdin's of Jafar? or Belief that Quinn will take us to the promised land?

Little Caesars? Yes. Little Caesars Bowl? No.


Will Danny White burn it all like the Joker? Will Jeff Quinn be UB's reckoning? Did I write this while, drinking, eating pizza, crying in the corner of the shower & listening to Usher's Let It...

1972: The Rebound (Part Three)


For other seasons, go here. Part OnePart Two In Part Two, we took a look at one of the more emotionally draining months in Missouri history.  Mizzou lost a heartbreaker to Oklahoma State by...

49ers Year-by-Year: 1981


A brief historical recap of the San Francisco 49ers' 1981 Super Bowl season.

49ers Year-by-Year: 1980


A brief historical summary of the San Francisco 49ers' 1980 season.

Comparing Romo's stats to the best Cowboys QBs in context of the league at the time


Yakuza Rich has a pretty interesting post at his blog. In order to put Romo's record breaking season in context in relation to how the league has changed and become more pass oriented over the years, he looks at QB stats (YPA, Comp%, QB rating) of the top 5 Cowboys QBs (Meredith, Staubach, White, Aikman, Romo) in their best years and best two back-to-back years, and how they compared to the rest of the league. Atlhough Romo had a huge year and broke their overall records, in all but one case he actually was #4 or #5 compared to the other great Cowboys QBs and how far above average they were in the league during their best years. One thing that clearly stands out is that The Dodger had a truly monster year in '71. With another year under Romo's belt and the same receiving corps as last year, with T.O. still playing at a very high level and more experience across the board behind him, combined with the versatility of Felix and Martellus to contribute in the passing game, plus the upgraded defense that will likely give the offense more time of possession, it will be very exciting to see how he compares this year. His best years are still in front of him!

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