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MAC Blog picks: week 4

MAC Blogger Pick'em will separate the heroes from the homers in the MAC Blogosphere. Several MAC bloggers will be posting their weekly picks for games in the MAC conference. Bull Run (BR),Red And...

MAC Blog picks: week 5

Some daylight is opening up for the leaders in MAC Blogger Pick'em, Bull Run, Van Delay, and Red & Black are falling off the pace a bit. Despite the late start Falcon Blog is shooting a phenomenal...

MAC Blog picks: week 6

Fire Up Chips grabbed all the beginners luck that Falcon Blog had been bogarting and used it to go 7-0. Along with FUC, Van Delay, and Bull Run also went 7-0 last week closing ground on the...

MAC Blog picks: week 7

Fire Up Chips continues the tradition of fast starters, at 13-1 he is humiliating the lot of us. The only miss he has over the course of two weeks is Toledo losing to WMU (everyone missed that...

MAC Blog picks: week 8

Let's go Rockets was perfect last week and has now caught up to The MAC Daily for most wins. Bull Run and Red&Black continue to fall off the pace. I am finished letting EMU Burn me (now that I say...

MAC Blog picks: week 9

I won, I won! For the first week this season I outright won a week. I am now tied for third with Van Delay. Ohio killed everyone last week and EMU caught the two percentage leaders 'Fire Up Chips'...

MAC Blogger Pick'em

As much as people might give VanDelay a hard time on an off week he does know his stuff. Who else would have called Miami, Temple and Kent last week? Only VanDelay called all three and he was...

Mac Blogger Pick'em

Akron Playing Spoiler to Kent and UB collapsing against bowling green finally brought Fire Up Chips within firing range of Lets go Rockets and Falcon Blog. LGR's record is all the more impressive...

Mac Blogger Pick'em

Let's Go Rockets has climbed to within .03 of Fire up Chips despite being one of only three blogs to pick every week this season. Falcon Blog, TMD, and Van Delay are all still in the hunt. In the...

Mac Blogger Pick'em Week 13

New Leader this week, LGR has been riding a hot streak and is now just ahead of Fire Up Chips. The MAC Daily and Falcon Blog are probably the only other blogs within shooting distance of 1st place....

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