Buffalo Bulls Recruiting - Down the Home Stretch

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Players I'd like to see in the Blue and White before this week is over

As Bull Run Stampedes towards National Signing Day (NSD) we are well aware that the number of scholarships to give is tight. So with a paper thin Margin left on what will be the biggest class of the Jeff Quinn era what offers are out there that would improve an already impressive group?

UB's class is currently ranked third in the MAC by 247. Most of that is based on the number of recruits, not on the average strength. But even the "Average Score" Puts UB on par with the top half of the MAC.

Some of the still uncommitted names holding offers from UB include

Offensive Tackle Damian Prince who plays for Bishop McNamara in District Heights, Maryland. The 6-5 monster is a five star recruit and ranked as the third best tackle coming out of high school this year. That might be why his "Wamer List" is Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, and Penn State.

Though I would point out the MAC leads the nation in Offensive linemen drafted first overall in the past half dozen years. It's more than a long shot but until he "verbals" why not dream big. Maybe Coach Quinn should fly down.

On the other side of the line is Tucker Georgia Product Elisha Shaw. The three star defensive lineman is holding offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, and a fleet of other Power Five conferences. Once again this is shooting for the stars.

More "Down to earth" players are Safety Otis Kearney and Corner Back Tyrone Washington. Both are holding offers from Big10 Schools but neither has yet committed. When Marquel Dickerson reopened his recruiting status he told Bull Run that the coaching staff expressed a need for defensive backs. It could be these two uncommitted players are still being pursued by Buffalo's coaching staff.

So long as the current verbals go through this is one of the best classes UB has ever pulled, especially on the defensive side of the ball. There is more apparent depth coming in than at any time since this site started to cover recruiting (During the late Gill Era).

It's been a successful recruiting season for the Bulls which is welcome after this past seasons talent cliff. It will be a few seasons before Buffalo fans see if the next Khalil Mack or Branden Oliver is in this class but it's a promising group.

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