Alex Neutz's All Star Night

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Alex Neutz played in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Los Angeles, CA tonight.

The format of an all-star game makes it hard on receivers and QBs. In a normal game, a receiver and QB have chemistry, and work strategically to beat the secondary. In today's game, Neutz saw four different Quarterbacks and only saw action once every 4 drives.

Limited action sure, but it was nice to see Alex Neutz wearing the Blue and White UB helmet one last time.

Neutz saw three targets in the game, the first an open hitch was thrown behind Neutz. Neutz got his hands on it, but couldn't bring the ball in.


You'd like to see Neutz catch that ball, especially as this game used NFL rules, where you can make a diving catch and get up as long as you are not touched down.

Neutz's second target was familiar for Bulls fans. On 2nd and long, the American team called a play action pass deep to Neutz. Neutz beat his defender who grabbed a chunk of Neutz's jersey to keep up with the receiver. The flag wasn't immediately thrown, but Neutz, who was clutched and grabbed enough this year to become an expert on pass interference, called for the flag, and got it.


Neutz's ability to draw the flag will be more useful in the NFL as it is a spot foul, instead of a 15 yard penalty as it was in college. The NFLPA bowl utilized NFL rules, and this penalty was good for 28 yards.

Late in the 4th, the American team got Neutz his only reception, a 20-yard catch.


Unfortunately, Neutz didn't have a breakout game for the scouts, but the journey to the Draft is 4 months long, and Neutz will have many more opportunities to earn his way to Sunday play.

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